Surah Kusar and Its 6-benifits

Surah kusar is the shortest surah of the holy Quran and had many benefits. But that does not crash its importance. It is important in many ways that. The surah Kusar is Makki surah that was revealed by the holy Prophet in Makkah when both his new born sons had passed away. His enemies had started to call him Abtar, which means to cut off. In these circumstances, this crucial surah was revealed. This surah shielded the Prophet of Allah and labeled the enemies of Islam as abtar. Besides, there is huge number of surah Kusar benefits.

Surah Al Khawthar translation:

Bimillah her rahaman ner raheem

In the name of Allah, the most compassionate, the merciful.

Indeed, your enemy is the one cutoff.

What is Al-Kausar means in surah Kausar?

Al-Kusar means abundance in Arabic, and it is the name of the river in paradise Kousar.

‘’I entered paradise and came to a river whose banks had tents made of pearls. So, I propel my hand in to its flowing water and found that it was musk’s most persuasive.

So, I asked, ‘’o jibril! What is his?

He replied, ‘’his is Al-Kausar which Allah, the mighty and majestic, has given you,’’

It is narrated by Hazrat Ans that the Prophet Muhammad said,

Benefits of surah Kusar:

There are many benefits of surah Kusar for believers.

Surah Kusar protects the infants:

It benefits by protecting the infants. There are some people, whose newborn babies do not survive. For these individuals, instead of losing hope put you’re in Allah almighty. Give it a try again and get help from surah Kusar. Allah azz WA jal listen to you. Just recite the surah Kusar 41 days after Fajr prayer, inshallah, with the will of Allah, the infant will stay Alive.

Protection from enemies:

If you fear from your enemies, recite surah Kausar to get the protection of Allah from your enemies. As in the last verse of surah Kausar, Allah almighty ensures the Prophet Muhammad that his enemies would never be triumphant in everything they do.

(Indeed your enemy is the one cut off)

To safe life:

As the surah is for protection also it secure life with the endowment of Allah and surah Al Kausar, his age remains alive.

Protection from disease:

Surah Kausar will protects you from every disease, either physical or mental when a believer recites surah it protects from all disease.

Fulfillment of whishes:

Recites surah Kausar if you want to fulfill your desire and special prayer. You will get the blessing of Allah almighty by reciting surah Kausar after Asar prayers.

Attain success in your life:

Among surah Kausar’s reciting reimbursement to achieve success in your life. If you whish to be success in your life, you should recite surah Al Kausar 129 times.


Which chapter is surah Kausar?

Surah Kausar is 108 chapter of the Quran in the last Juz of the Quran in the last Para.

When was surah Kausar revealed?

The surah was revealed before the migration to Medina when Prophet was experiencing tyranny and hardship from the Quraish and the resident of Makkah and death of his son.

What is the meaning of surah Kausar?

In accurate words, Kausar means to be a source of great abduance or wealth. The manner this surah ends, in reality indicates that the one who actually carries this great source must be a person who is close to the holy Prophet and through whom the Prophet’s line of descent will persist. As the surah states ‘’you’re enemy is the one who have no prosperity and offspring.

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