Difference between(1/2) Makkah and madinah Surah

The holy Quran is the word of Allah. This is a miracle of Allah which was sent to the holy Prophet. The holy Quran’s was first revealed to the heavens on Laylatul Qadar in the month of Ramadan, then it was revealed to the messenger of Allah, may god bless him and grant him peace, stages over the span twenty-three years of his blessed Prophet hood. Difference between(1/2) Makkah and madinah Surah explained clearly in this article

Difference in Surah:

 It is divided in to chapter. Each is called a surah (plural: swar), and there are 114 surah in the Quran’s. Each surah consists of verses. Each verse is called Ayat. Surahs are divided in to two categories according to their revelation and subject matter. Therefore, the first type is called Meccan chapters (surah Al Makiya) and the second is called madinah Surah (surah Al Madniyyan).

History of Surah:

What is generally understood about that is that the surah reveled in Makah is Meccan and the surah revealed in Medina is madinah Surah. This is a minor misunderstanding. According to the scholar of tafsir, the basis of the classification is not the city of revelation, but the migration of messenger of Allah, may god bless him and grant him peace.

Difference of meccan surah is those which were reveled in Makah and at any time before the hijrah, even if they were reveled outside the Makah. At this stage the Prophet rarely left Makah except for taif, so most revelation was confined within Makah. These are verses that were revealed during the Meccan period for 10 years of Prophet’s life. The madni surah is those which were reveled in Medina and after the hijrah, they were revealed in Makah or outside Medina.


There are many examples of revelation of verses outside o Medina as there were many tours and battle during this period. These are the verses that were revealed during the 13 years of the Prophet’s life in Medina.


From this we know that when we use the term Maki or Madni for a surah, the verse was clearly not revealed only in the cities of Makah or Medina.

Therefore, the verse that were revealed in the first visit of the messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, etc., are Meccan. Even the verse that was revealed to Prophet (PBUH) during the night journey akah isra’a and miraj are considered Meccan. The verses that were revealed in Hudaybiyah, near Makah, even the verses that were revealed in Makah at the time of the conquest of Makah, are called madinah Surah.

Some cases of Surah:

There may be cases where Makki verses occur in Madni surahs and madni surahs in Makki surahs.  The Prophet (peace be upon him) instructed his companions’ scribes regarding the correct placement of verses in the various chapter of the holy Quran and he order of the chapters.

Detail Of Surah In Quran:

The holy Quran consists of 85 or 86 meccan surahs and 28 or 29 madinah Surah. There is a bit of disagreement on this number.

I asked Abi ibn ka’b which surah of Quran were revealed in Medina, and he said that twenty-nine time surahs were revealed there. And the rest descended to Makkah.[al-class]

Imam ibn Said has narrated that ibn Abbas (May Allah pleased with him) says

There is consensus among thee scholar of tafsir that 80 surahs are Meccan and 22 surahs are madani. There is a difference in 12 surahs.

Name of Surah:

Al-Ma’idah Al-AhzabAl-Jamaa
Al-Anfal Al-FathAl-Munafiqun
Hujrat, HadidAl-MajadahAl-Tahreem
Al-HasharAl-Mutahina Al-Talaqand and Al-Nusr
The Madni surahs are:


Our sheikh Nabeel Sindhi Hifzullah said, ‘’jaz Amma alone, which contains most of the Meccan surahs, has more surahs than all the Medni surahs, even though the madini surahs are long’’. Are madni. [Reported by ibn juzi]

Shayk ibn utaymeen, may god have mercy on him, stated the following points. The method of addressing the Quranic verses:

Makkah Surah:

In Makki verses there is a sign of force and servity in addressing the people because the people would have turned away and shown arrogance, so, it suited their condition. For example, read al-Mudasir because most of the people were accepting and submitted to the message.

For example, al-Maidah. Difference of that the Makki verses are usually short and strong in their argument against the disbeliever (i.e. polytheists) and are appropriate to their situation at the time. Read author as an example. Madni verses are usually long and they mention the rule and regulations without discussion because the condition of the people was suitable for it .As read Al-Baqra.

madinah Surah:

The Meccan verses mainly describe and explain monotheism and the true Islamic faith, especially monotheism of worship and belief in the Resurrections because most of people being addressed denied these matters. Ayat al-Madinah usually discusses the detail of acts of worship, interaction and affairs because those addressed have Tahweed and Aqeedah established in their souls.

Therefore they require detailed commands regarding acts of worship and affairs. In Madinah, the rulings to deal with jihad hypocrites and their conditions according to the situation have been described in detail. Because jihad was necessary and hypocrisy was revealed in the time of Madinah. This was not to case in Makah. (See Usual al-Tafseer ibn Uthaymeen)

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