Ayat al-kursi 14 benefits

The holy Quran is the holy book of Allah almighty which was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Quran is a book of guidance not only for Muslims but for all human beings. All the verses of holy Quran have their own importance, some o them are more prominent, one of them is Ayat al-kursi. According to hadith, Ayat al-kursi has been declared as the best verse of Quran. Ayat al-kursi (also known as the ayat of the throne) is the most powerful verse of the Quran revealed by Allah (SWT) to obtain protection, guidance, substance, blessing, mercy, paradise and much more, there are many other benefits of ayutl Kursi which can be seen in this article.

Hadees and verse

 The following hadith tell us the importance and benefits of this powerful verse.

‘’there is a verse in Surat al-Baqra that is better than all the verses of the Quran.’’ 

Ayatul Kursi is a verse of surah al-Baqra verse 255.

this is the most important verses of the Quran. It is one of the four part of the Quran related to the throne (of Allah).

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said that

Importance of Ayat al-kursi

The importance of the ayatul kursi can be estimated from these sayings of prominent holy personalities.

The chief of the verses of the holy Quran is ayatul kursi.

Hazrat Ali (A.s) said

It describes how god’s power and knowledge encompass everything. When you read ayat al-kursi with its meaning, you will see that it is related to the name of Ayatollah ad his knowledge. The two beautiful names are Al-Hiy( ٱلْحَى) which means the eternal and AL-Qayyum (ٱلْقَيُّومُ ۚ) which means creator and sustainer.

Famous Hadees on Importance

The following hadith highlights the great importance and benefits of ayat al-kursi

‘’god has not created anything in the heavens and the earth greater than the Ayat kursi.’’

because ayat kursi is the word of god and the word of god is greater than the creation of heaven and earth. ‘’there is a verse in surah al Baqra which is the best of the verse of the Quran


’whoever recites ayat al kursi immediately after every prayer, he will enter paradise. Nothing will prevent you from entering it except death. Difficulty will not occur, because Satan will not come near him. He will not forget the Quran. ‘’whoever wakes up in the morning and recites ayat al-kursi will protects them till the evening.’’ And whoever recites them in the evening will protect them till morning. Everything has a hump, and the hump of the Quran in surah al-Baqra, and in it is the owner of the verse of the Quran Ayat al-kursi. ‘’o Abu munzar, do you know which verse in the book of Allah is the greatest according to you?’’

‘’Allah there is no god but he, he is the living and sustaining.’’ Ayat al-Kursi  (2:255). 

According to the number of hadith, we can see the amazing benefits of Ayat al-Kursi and why it should be recited regularly.

Benefits of Ayat tul kursi:

There are many benrfits of ayat-tul kursi but in this article we describe 14 benefits

1-For protection:

Reciting this verse in the morning for protection keeps you in the sight of Allah till night. Also, by reciting this verse, your family will be protected from devil.

2-For loved ones who died:

Reciting ayat kursi for deceased loved ones to your loved ones who have passed away. He will be source of light for them in the dark graves.

3-For pain of death:

For the pain of death you should recite this powerful verse regularly to protect yourself from the agonies of death. Reciting it remove the pain of death and makes your death easier.

4-when leaving home:

Always read this verse while leaving the house. This recitation will keep you under the protection of angels.

5-before going to bed:

The person who read Ayat al-Kursi before going to sleep While you are sleeping, be under the protection of Allah. And whoever recites this verse before going to sleep, Allah almighty not only protects him but also his neighbor’s house from Shetan.

6-For fear:

For some kind of fear, if you are worried and feel some kind of fear, then read this verse. This will remove your fear and you will feel calm.

7-acceptance of dua:

Reciting it after prayer for acceptance of dua will be means of acceptance of your dua. Keeping this in mind, make it a habit to recite Ayatul Kursi after every prayer.

8-equal to Quran:

Equal to the Quran and the person who recites Ayat al-kursi 4 times will get the reward of reciting the entire Quran.

9-For sustance (Rizq):

If one recites the Ayat al-kursi while entering the house, poverty will not enter that house.

10-After ablution:

The person who recites this verse after ablution, then his rank with Allah will increase 70 times.

11-Way to Jinnah:

The way to heaven is the one who prays after the obligatory prayer and the only thing that separates us from heaven is death.

12-Protection from devil:

Protection from Satan and whoever recites this verse will enter paradise. One who recites it daily is protected from Satan and his spoilers.

13-Relief from poor ad destitute:

If he recites Ayat al-kursi, his poverty and poverty will be removed in a few days.

14-To protect the house:

Install a copy and a picture of Ayat al-kursi at a high place in the house to protect the house from the theft and damages. This will also increase the income. 15- 70,000 angels protects you reciting Ayat al-kursi while leaving home, 70,000 angels protect you day and night.

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