Importance and benefits of 4 Qul

Holy Quran is very important for Muslims. The book contains the word of god. A conversion between the creator and creature. Theses conversion constitute the surah’s a source of guidance that heals it reciters. One of the most recited surah contains 4 Qul. These 4 Qul not only benefits their readers but also increase their spirituality.

Details of 4 Qul:

4 Qul there are four main chapter of the holy Quran. Each chapter has a surah with a different explanation. These surah are among the shortest surah’s of the Quran, making them relatively easy to memorize.

They are 4-6 verses (lines) long. Also, all four chapter begin with the word ‘’Qul,’’ which translates as ‘’say.’’ The holy Prophet (peace be upon him) instructed his followers to recite many beautiful verses.

4 Qul:

  1. Surah ikhlas
  2. Surah Al- kafirun
  3. Surah Nas
  4. Surah Falaq     

Surah Al- kafirun

Surah kaafrun is the 109th surah of the holy Quran. It consists of 6 verses in total.

This is equal to a quarter of the Quran. A Muslim who recites this surah before going to sleep is safe form of Satan and polytheism.

4 Qul

He came to messenger of Allah, May god bless him and grant him peace, and said: o messenger of Allah, May god bless him and grant him peace, teach ma something that I should when I go to my bed. So he (peace be upon him) said: ‘’read: say: o disbelievers, because this is the negation of polytheism (shirk).’’

With reference to Jami tirmigdhi hadith 3403
Farah bin Nawaf (May Allah be please with him) narrates:

Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas is the 112th surah of the holy Quran which consist of 5 verses. This surah is equal to the one third of the Quran. There are numerous benefits of reciting the surah Ikhlas such as forgiveness of sins, gaining the love of Allah subhanahu WA ta’ala, protection from all kind of climate and calamities, and many more.

4 Qul

The messenger of Allah, May god bless him and grant him peace, and said to his companions: is it difficult for any of you to recite one third of the Quran in one night? This proposal was difficult for him, so he asked, ‘’o messenger of Allah, who among us has the strength to do this?’’ he (peace be upon him) replied: ‘’Allah is the one, a selfless owner whom all creature need.’’ (Surah Ikhlas 112.1 to the end) equal one third of the Quran.

With reference to Sahih al-Bukharin 5015
Narrated Abu Saeed Al-Khudri:

Surah Falaq

Surah Falaq is the 113th of the holy Quran which consist of 5 verses. This surah helps to get Allah’s protection from black magic and evil eye.

4 Qul

‘’the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) used to seek refuge from jinn and the evil eye until surah al-Falaq and surah al-Nas were revealed. After their appearance, he went to them to seek refuge in Allah and left everything but them.’’

Riaz al-Saliheen – [Tirmidhui]
Arabic/English book of reference: book 9, hadith 1015 on the authority if Abu Saeed al-khudri (May Allah be pleased be him).

Surah Nas

Surah Nas is the 114th surah of the Quran which consist of 6 verses. This surah helps to seek refuge in Allah from jinn and evil.

4 Qul

‘’whenever the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was sick, he used to recite the Mu’awzat (Surat at Falaq and Surat al-nas) and the breathe on his body. When he was seriously ill, I would recite (these two surah’s) and rub my hands over his body hoping for blessing.’’

With reference to Sahih al-Bukhari 5016
It is narrated from Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her):

Importance of Qul:

Each surah has benefits and importance in Islam. Moreover, we will discuss the basic details of these surah’s here.

First of all let me tell you the importance of surah Kaafrun:

Surat al-kafrun is quarter of the entire Quran. Surat al-Kafrun was revealed in Makah. This surah teaches Muslims to maintain their faith in the face of anti-Islamic attitudes of non-Muslims in society.

If non-Muslims refuse to accept the message of Islam, you should stop bothering them. And only follow the message of Prophet in this regard.

The second surah is surah Ikhlas:

The word Ikhlas  means  ‘’purity’’. This surah is more in number because this surah is equal to one third of the holy Quran. Total five verses in the surah

Surah Ikhlas is entirely about the name of Allah and his attributes, that is why this surah named surah Ikhlas. This surah tells us the only about Allah and his permission.

The name of third surah is surah al-Falaq:

There are total five verses in this surah. This surah support Allah’s protection from evil eye and his creature from black magic. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) sought refuge with Allah after the revelation of this surah.

Last but not least the fourth surah is surah al-Nas:

It has total of six verses and is the last chapter of the Quran. This surah guides us on how to ask Allah to protect us from evils of humans. And also negative thoughts incites by the jinn.

In short, these surah are quite easy to read, however, they have great advantages. Therefore, every Muslim should read this 4 Qul surah’s regularly. So that he can benefit from the blessings and virtues of these surah of the holy Quran.

Benefits of Qul:

By reciting the 4 verses together, a believersubmits himself to god’s protection. Each deed acts as protective charm. If recited together, a Muslim is protected from every calamity.


4 Qul are very short but very powerful prayers that we as Muslims should recite frequently. The weight given to them is quite heavy and can lead to significant reward from which we can benefit on the Day of Judgment.

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