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Surah Fatiha is the first chapter of the Quran and the Muslims around the whole world recite it in every prayer. It is considered one of the most important chapter of the Quran and is often referred to as the ‘’Mother of the Quran’’. Quran is the greatest book ever revealed. It has 114 chapters and more than 6 thousand verses. 

The first chapter is al-Fatiha and the last chapter is al-Nas. Surah Fatiha is the first surah of the holy Quran and has many different names. Similarly, like the mother of the book, remedy, praise (Hamd) and others. Without it, fivefold prayer is invalid.

Surah Fatiha Translation:


Meaning of Fatiha:

Fatitha means the opener.

According to some scholars, surah Fatitha has about 25 names.

Some of the other popular names are:

  1. al-Sabah, al-Muthani (sub-al-muthani: the seven of the repeated verses)
  2. Umm Al Quran (umm al-Quran: mother of the Quran)
  3. Salat (as-salat: prayer)
  4. Umm al-kitab (Umm al-kitab: mother of the book)

Explanation of the verse:

This statement is also called Bismala.

I begin in the name of Allah asking for his help in begin able to read this book with success and acceptance from him. ‘Allah’ is well-known that refers to the name [of the universe], whom alone has the right to be worship without any partner. It is among the name of Allah that are reserved for him and cannot be given.

‘’al-Rahman’’ is the name of Allah and it means that his mercy extends to all his creatures.

’al-Rahim’’ is one of the name of Allah and means a form of mercy from his that is especially reserved for believers.

1st verses

All praise is due to Allah, the lord of all world.

Allah, the exalted, has given all praise to himself. It also include praiseworthy action on the part of the servants and they are truly entitle to because he is originator of all creation and the finisher of the affairs. He cares for all his creations through his innumerable blessings and [especially] for faith and righteous deeds.

2nd verses

all-merciful, especially merciful,

Rahman is one of Allah’s names and it means that his mercy extends to all his creatures.

‘’Al-Rahim’’ (the most merciful) is one of the name of Allah and means a form of mercy from his that is especially reserved for believers.

3rd Verses of Surah Fatiha

Lord of the Day of Judgment.

He is the lord of the day of resurrection. This is the day of recompense for deeds [in this life]. Some will be rewarded by his mercy while other will be punished by his justice. Allah has specially mentioned in his verse only his sovereignty on the Day of Judgment because on that day no one will claim anything and no one will be allowed to speak without his permission.

Reciting this verse in each unit (Rakat) of the daily prayer should remind the Muslim the Day of Judgment and encourage him to prepare for good deeds and sins and bad deeds.

4th verses

you alone worship and you alone seek help.

You alone are our [full] obedience and worship. And we seek help from you in all our affairs, for everything is in your hand and is not dominated by anyone else.

This verse is an argument that the servant is not allowed to turn to the worship of anyone other than Allah. In the verse there is also healing for the heart from the disease of pretentiousness, selfishness and arrogance are also treated in it.

5th verses

Guide us to straight path.

 Show us the straight path and keep us steadfast until we meet you. This path is Islam which leads to the pleasure of Allah and his paradise. This is the path shown to us by the seal of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). No other path can lead to happiness for a servant expect to remain firm on this straight path.

6th verses

The way of those whom you have favored, not on those on whom wrath has come, nor of those who go astray.

The path of those whom you have favored, such as the Prophet, the righteous, the martyrs and the righteous. They are guided and persistent. Let us not be among those who take the path of those who stir up wrath. These are the people who knew the truth but did not act accordingly. This was the crime of Jews and those like them in practice [knowingly refusing to follow the truth].

Do not lead us to astray. These are the people who were not guided and went astray from the straight path. This was the crime of the Christians and those who followed their ways [acted without knowledge].


In this chapter, there is a prayer to heal the hearts of Muslim from the disease of rejection, ignorance and misguidance. The chapter reveal the greatest blessing is the blessing of Islam. Therefore, the one who knows the truth and follows it will be the most entitle to the straight path. There is no doubt that Ahl- ay-Bayt and companions of the messenger of Allah, May god bless him and grant him peace, are the most entitle among the people after the Prophets of straight path.

The last verse refers to their great status because Allah favored them, may Allah e pleased with them all. It is recommended for the reciter to say Amen after Faitha. That is, O Allah, accept my prayer. The word Amen is not

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