Durood Ibrahimi 6-Importance and benefits

Durood Ibrahimi is a kind of supplication and blessing that we sent upon our Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) is a model for all people, and through him (peace be upon him) Allah spread his message and taught people to do the best in this life.

Durood Ibrahimi

Durood Ibrahim translation:

‘’O Allah, bestow your on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad as you favored Abraham and the progeny of the Abraham. You are praiseworthy, the most glorious. O Allah, bestow your mercy on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad as you have blessed said to Abraham and the family of Abraham: you are praiseworthy, the great elder.

Importance of Durood:

The mentioned durood Ibrahimi is a great gift for all Muslims around the world to show their infinite respect and love to the Prophet by sending this durood Ibrahimi daily.

Durood Ibrahimi is definitely useful for all Muslims in the world. It is the belief of the Muslim that when a person recite it and at the same time sends blessing on the holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, Allah grant him a great reward from his bounty. Moreover, he will be at peace as well as eternally satisfied with the benefits of reciting durood Sharif.

Importance in Quran:

In the Quran,

Allah almighty says that he and his angels sends blessings upon his Prophet, may god bless him and grant him peace, and command us to send blessings upon your Prophet (peace be upon him).

durood Ibrahim is one of the most recited durood, as it is also recited in prayers after ‘’Atahiyat’’. In this beautiful durood, we pray to Allah almighty to shower his blessings on the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his family.

Importance in hadith:

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘’on the day of judgment of resurrection, the closest to me will be the one who sent the most blessing on me.’’ And everything else.

‘’whoever worship Allah Tala for me, Allah tala will raise him tenfold.’’


Send blessings upon me and abundantly on Fridays as they are presented before me.

[Abu Dawud]

It is trust and faith that given importance that praying on the blessed day of Muslims, i.e. Friday, is preferable to other days. Fuhermore, this durood reflects one true love and affection for the holy Prophet.

Proximity to Allah and the messenger:

It is important to develop a strong relationship with Allah. And one of the best ways to do this is to constantly listen to durood Ibrahimi prayers.

These are the collection of the verses that are recited while praying otherwise meditating on the greatness of Allah and his messenger. Who was sent as a messenger to guide humanity and teach us how to live goodness, compassion and integrity?

Key to heaven:

Once you feel peace and strength in your faith, durood Sharif will significantly help you to erase your minor sins. Therefore, it is the key to heaven.

Abundance in substance:

We all believe that substance comes in three forms. Knowledge, health, and food or money. Recitation of durood Sharif helps increase the flow of substance in your life.

This is averse that always calms you down in the time of trials and helps you gain courage and all your needs.

Reciting durood Sharif on Friday and its benefits:

Durood Sharif should always be recited with purity and love. You can choose any durood and any day to get the benefits of durood Sharif. However, the best durood is Ibrahimi and the best day is Friday.

Whenever a person recites durood on Friday, his day will be filled with blessings and miracles. Allah blesses him ten times for reciting durood only once.

It is the hadith that the messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant hi peace, said:

whoever recites the blessing of Allah for me, Allah will raise him ten times.


Benefits of reciting the Durood Sharif 1000 times:

Reciting durood Sharif is always beneficial for a person. It is believed that if a person recites the durood 1000 times, his sins will be washed away and he will be blessed abundantly.

Ten sins are erased and ten virtues are given for every blessing. Durood Sharif is a passage from the noble Quran in praise of the holy Prophet.

benefit of Durood Ibrahimi:

Durood is a form of praise and thanksgiving. It is recited as individual prayer to Allah, the creator.

In this form of worship we recognize that there is none but Allah and that his beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in his last messenger sent to mankind.


At the end, durood Ibrahimi is recited to ask Allah’s mercy and blessing on holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to express his love and gratitude to Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Worship that is quickly accepted in the presence of Allah is Durood.

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