Salah method and benifits (5 Nimaz)

Every Muslim required to pray five times a day. In Islam there are five daily Salah.  Fajr, Zuhur, Asr, Maghreb, and Isha. Daily salah is of great importance because prayer creates a connection between the man and the creator of the universe. For Muslims, prayer is not a rule; rather it is a gift from Allah. In prayer, we can put all things in perspective and see Allah what is important in life. Dua reminds us that all things comes from Allah (SWT) and to Allah we must return.

Allah almighty says in the holy Quran:
‘’indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds and establish prayer and give Zakat, their reward is with their lord, they will have no fear, nor they will grieve.’’ (Quran, 2:277)

Time for prayers:

A Muslim a have to offer five prayer at their fixed times daily. The first prayer  that begin with the day is the Fajr prayer. After the first prayer, Muslim offers their second prayer, which is Zuhur (noon) its times begins when sun moves from the middle of the sky towards the west. After Zuhur prayer, Muslims perform the third obligatory prayer, its times start from noon. Then Muslims offer Maghreb Salah, its start from sunset. The last prayer of the day is Isha prayer. Its time start from the end of the Maghreb prayer and lasts until midnight. Below we discuss the benefits and the blessings of each prayer.

Method of Salah:

Facing the Qibla, the direction of Kaaba with respect to those praying, most Muslim pray standing first and then kneeling or sitting on the ground. Recites prescribe prayer and phrases.

Prayer consist of fixed repetitive cycle of bowing and prostration called raka’ahs.

The number of rak’ahs also called prayer units, varies from prayer to prayer. Ritual, purity and ablution are prerequisites for performing the prayer. The prayer can be performed in isolation or congregation. When performed in congregation, worship stand in parallel rows behind a leader, called imam. Special prayer are performed exclusively in congregation, such as the Friday prayer or eid prayer, and each of these may have two sermons, delivered by an imam.

The obligatory daily prayers collectively from the second pillar of the Islam, performed three or five times at fixed time each day. These are generally Fajr (observed in the morning), Zuhur (observed in the afternoon), Asr (observed in the afternoon), Maghreb (observed after sunset) and Isha in the evening are celebrated.

In Quran:

The name Salah (prayer) is used 83 times in the Quran. Its triple root is about 15 other derivatives. 12 words related to salat (such as Masjid, Wudu, Zikr, etc.) is used in one-sixth Quranic verses. And 14 times ‘’indeed my prayer, my sacrifice and my living and my dying are all for Allah’’ and 15 times ‘’I am Allah, there is no god but me, so worship me and remember me. ‘’pray.’’ 16 are both example of this.

Benefits of prayer:

The five pillar of the Islam from the foundation around a Muslim routine and life should be based. The second pillar is prayer, which in Arabic is called Salat or prayer.

Fajr prayer:

Fajr prayer is the first Salah that begins with the day. The timing of this prayer starts at dawn and lasts till sun rise. It is the blessed time, and there is no need to worry about losing sleep, because, with proper spiritual practice, the human body and mind become ready with the energy and vigor of life for rest of the day. In the holy Quran,

Allah Tala has said about the importance of Fajr prayer as follows:
 ‘’so you should establish prayer after the setting of the sun (Zuhur and then Asr) until the setting of the night (Maghreb and then). Isha and (Quranic) is testimony. (Quran, 17:78)


If you start your day with the prayers, then Allah protects you. It is in the hadith that the messenger of Allah, May god bless him and grant him peace, said:

‘’whoever prays the Morning Prayer, he is under the protection of Allah’’

(Ibn Majah)
Fajr prayer ensures that we start the day with light and life. Early morning sets the tone and energy for the whole day, and start the day off in the best way possible.

whoever prays the Morning Prayer in congregation, then remember Allah until the sun rises, then prays two rakats, then he has a reward equivalent to Hajj and Umrah.

Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) in (Trimidhi)

It is important to perform the Fajr Salah because it protect from the hell. Fajr prayer is essential. Allah sent angels who witness the Fajr prayer of Muslims, so try to pray daily.

Zuhur prayer:

The Zuhur prayer is the second prayer that Muslims have to perform in a day and begins when the sun moves from the middle of the sky to the west.


Zuhur prayer is the time when the gates of paradise are opened for the Muslims. The gates of the heaven are opened at noon. So it is important to do good deeds at this time and praying at this time is the most important.

Allah almighty bestows his blessing on those who pray the Zuhur prayer.

Allah almighty protects those who pray Zuhur from the fire of the hell on the Day of Judgment.

Asr prayer:

After the Zuhur prayer, Muslim performs the third obligatory Asr prayer. This is the first time start in the afternoon. In the hadith, Asr prayer is so important that the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

whoever prays before the sun rise and the sun set will not go to hell.



The greatest blessing for every Muslim is to enter paradise. Whoever prays the Fajr and Asr will enter paradise. Asr prayers save from hell and open the door of paradise. Those who perform Asr prayer will give you success in life as well as in the hereafter.

Maghreb prayer:

Maghreb prayer is the fourth obligatory prayer and its times begin with sun set. if someone deliberately does not offer Maghreb prayer, punishment will be revealed to him from Allah Tala.


Allah almighty bestows all his rewards and blessings on those who pray Maghreb.

Allah will fulfill all your prayers and whishes. May Allah Tala grant you success in wealth and family.

Isha prayer:

The last prayer of the day is the Isha prayer, its time start from end of the Maghreb prayer and last till midnight. It is difficult to perform the Isha prayer, so after that, great rewards are also obtain from Allah Tala. The messengers of Allah, May gods bless him and grant him peace, said:

whoever prays Isha prayer in congregation, it is as he has spent half of his night in worship. And whoever prays Fajr in congregation, it is as he has spent the whole night in worship.



In short, those who learned and read the holy Quran are aware of the importance of prayer and how much Allah emphases in it the holy Quran and explained its importance to the people.

A Muslim should know that above all prayers is a duty of every Muslim has to fulfill his responsibility.

Unfortunately, in the current contemporary paradigm, people are sadly neglecting prayer and religion. Yet the plethora of recent studies that have comes out, scientific evidence has proven to the public with saitstics that worship a supreme being is beneficial for humans. It is with the sincere intention that his article helps and encourage everyone to become a better Muslim and engage in regular prayer.

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