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There are six kalmias that Muslims know and learn their childhood. Apart from the six basic kalmia, iman Mufasil and Iman e Mujmmail are the concepts/words mentioned in scholarly works, especially in the volumes of iqba (Islamic faith). Both are imam (belief) as imam Mufasal is to believe in all things that the Prophets (peace be upon him) have presented Iman e Mujmmail is to believe in all things that they have stated in general.

English translation of Iman e Mujmmail:

‘’I believe in Allah because he is always with his attributes and names. Consequently I believe in all his instructions, rules and regulations.
Iman e Mujmmail

Explanation of imane Mujmmail:

He should believe that Allah has beautiful names and attributes, his perfectness and greatness and knowledge in other pillars of faith. Also every Muslim believe in six pillars of Islam, apart from the six pillars of the Islam, a Muslim should know all the beautiful names of Allah subhanahu wa tala who sustain and directs al the affairs of the servants.

A Muslim should not associate anyone with Allah subanahu WA tala has mentioned in the holy Quran that who do not believe in these pillars are disbelievers.

And whoever denies Allah, his angels, his books, his messenger, and the Last Day, he has surely gone astray far away. (Quran 4: 136).

Immane Mujammail:

Mujamal (abstract) faith means a Muslim generally believes in the six pillars of faith. For example, he should accept Allah as his lord who governs the affairs of his servants as one god and should not associate anyone in his worship.

He should also believe that Allah tala has beautiful names and attributes that have reached perfection and greatness, so every Muslim should acquire this part of knowledge and this is the ultimate faith.

Translation of immane Mufasail:

I believe in Allah, in his angels, in his books, in his messengers, in the last Day, and in density, that all good and evil is from Allah, and I believe in resurrection after death.
Iman e Mujmmail

Explanation of immane Mufasil:

A Muslim believe in all the Prophets if Allah. The teaching of other Prophets has been distorted and forgotten by the people, but the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is known in detail.

A true Muslim follows the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and is actions. A Muslim believes in life after death. They will rise from the grave from the Day of Judgment. Every man and woman has to accountable to Allah. Everyone will be asked what he did in this worldly life. A good Muslim should be rewarded and will go to heaven forever. The wicked will be punished and will go to hell.

Immane Mufasil:

The Mufasil belief is that a Muslim should know the details of matter related to Raoite (i.e. believing that the creator sustainer), Al-Aluhiyyah (i.e. only Allah is worthy of true worship).) And the names and attributes (i.e. accepting all the names and attributes with which Allah has described himself as true) and the arguments for each of them, and so on.

Therefore, it is not obligatory for every Muslim to learn this (part of knowledge). Rather, learning it is collective duty that requires in all the details it contains. In other words, Mujammail faith is to believe in all things that the Prophets (peace be upon him) have generally started, and detailed faith is to believe in all the things that they have presented.


The recitation of Iman Musafal and Iman e Mujmmail acts as a spiritual peace, reinforcing essential Islamic beliefs and strengthening one’s faith. These short declarations of faith provide guidance, unity among Muslims, and protection from doubt, foster a deeper relationship with Allah, and provide a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of Islam. We should Knowledge about both imman it is essential for believer to know.

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