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surah fil is the 105th Surah of the holy Quran. The word ‘’fill’’ means ‘’elephant’’. surah fil was revealed in Makkah so it is a mecca Surah. It has five verses and 233 words. Surah fil has 30 parts. Surah fil was revealed on the most important occasion in the history of Islam. We will explain a few things related to Surah fil in this article.

It was revealed about the story of the owner of the elephant who planned to destroy the ka’bah and how Allah (Swt) detail with them by destroying themand driving them away from the holy haram .this story is famous.

(Reasons of descent)

surah fil

English translation of surah fil:

There are five verses in surah al-Fil. We have taken the English translation of surah fil from the most famous book of tafsir, ma’rif al-Quran. The meaning of Surah fil is:

Muhammad, did you not consider how your lord capture the companions of the elephants?
Did the lord not mislead them by changing the plan?
And god sent upon them a great flock of birds, beating them with small stones of hard clay.
Then he made them like a field empty of stalks, and the chaff (of which the corn) was eaten.

Story of surah:

As we know as surah fil, there is a story about elephants. The name of the surah refers to an army of elephants and refers to an Abyssinian campaign against the Muslims and Mecca in 522 AD during the Christian era. Abraha was the Christian viceroy of Yemen, which was ruled by the Abyssinians. He wanted to convert the Kaaba into a Christian’s church. When his plan failed, he tried to destroy and wrap the Kaaba’s existence.

With a few elephants,

he and his people left for makkah to capture the Muslim of Quraish. But Allah helped the Muslims and protected the Kaaba. He sent many herdsmen with one or two lumps of hardened clay and threw at the elephants. They oppressed them a lot and thus Allah helped the Muslim of Quraish.

The Arabs depict the year in which this event occurred as the ‘’year of the elephant’’ and the year Muhammad was born. Muhadditheen and the history writes consistently state that this event took place in Muharram and Muhammad was born in the month of Rabi al-Awwal. A dominator part of them represents that he was born 50 days after the chance of an elephant.

Importance of reading surah fil:

Recitation of surahfil 313 times a day after Isha prayer contentiously for 40 days will protect you from harmful creatures.

Hazrat Muhammad said:

Surah fil protects you from many health problems li high blood pressure, diabetes and can be cured by reciting it.

Top 9 best benefits of surah fil (feel):

Surah fil has many benefits and is source of guidance and strength for Muslims all over the world. Surah teaches us to be patient and never give up hope in time of trouble, because Allah will be us. Moreover, it help us to stay focus on the ultimate goal and strive for success no matter how tough the journey. 10 benefits of surah is as follows:

1. Spiritual benefits:

Recitation of each surah has spiritual and physical benefits. By spiritual benefits are in this world. It is narrated from Imam Abu Abdullah Ja’far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq,

who is one of the descendants of the messenger of the Allah (peace be upon him) that he said:
‘’whoever recites surah fil in his obligatory prayer, all the creature of the universe bear with him.’’ 

Testify that they were among those who established their prayer. Then a voice is heard that you testified correctly about my servant. I have accepted your testimony, so grant them paradise. Enter, for them among those whom Allah loves, and their deeds.

2. Protection from enemies:

Recitation of surah fil will protect you from harm of enemies and keep you safe. This surah will help you to solve any problem related to your enemy or any challenge given by him.

3. Protection from an evil ruler:

A person who want to eliminate satanic dictation or evil rulers should recite surah al-fil regularly or in obligatory prayer and supplicate to Allah.

4. Destroying the enemy weapons:

If you want to destroy enemy weapons or want victory, read this surah on your weapons or when you hit the enemy weapon, it will erase it.

5. Ease from difficulty:

If one read and recites surah fil in difficult situation, his trouble and difficulty will be removed. The recitation of surah fill always put the reciter ahead of the competition.

6. Earthquake protection:

If a person recite surah fil in earthquake prone area or during an earthquake, he will be protected from drowning.

7. Healing from disease:

Surah fil can cure many diseases, like regular recitation of surah fil cure disease like diabetes and blood pressure.

8. Treatment of poisoning:

Suppose you suspect food poisoning. Recites surah fil and surah Qurash once, it will remove poison of the food, and the food will also cure the poison of your body.

9. Benefits of surah fil after Fajr:

If a person recites this surah after fajr prayer and also recites it after Maghreb prayer. Then this surah bind the tongue of the person who verbally offend you. And they will stop talking to him.

Recite this surah 105 times and this surah 94 times after Fajr prayer to prevent blindness. God wiling you never be blind.


Finally, each chapter of Quran related to some historical event of Islam. Similarly, behind this surah there is an important message for disbelievers. Also, the benefits of this surah Ihsaas are numerous. This surah shows the power of Allah and he can do anything to the enemies of Islam.

And if the enemy want to harm a holy place and its Prophets, how can he destroy them? And give the example of Abraha and his army, who wanted to destroy the holy Kaaba. So when you read this surah, learn from it. And for more information visit and find all Surah translation visit

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