Surah Waqiah great benifits-waafaa

The 56th Surah Waqiah (chapter) of the Quran is entitled waqiah, which means ‘’ the inevitable’’ or ‘’the event’’. Muslims believe that it was revealed in Makah, specially, seven years before the Hijri (622), Muhammad journey to Medina. There are total 96 verses in this surah. It primarily explores the afterlife in Islam and the various destines that individual will experience there.

‘’Waqiah’’ means the Day of Judgment or the Day of Judgment (Last Day). Therefore, hereafter is powerfully described in the sense of surah Al-Waqiah, which describes how the human’s race will be divided in to three groups. For these three groups there will be separate conditions, punishments and rewards will be based on the deeds they have done in the life.

Summary of surah Waqiah:

This surah tells about three types of people.

Highest in rank and position. Ordinary people who follow the straight path. Non believers.

The reward and punishment for such people are described in detail. Arguments have been made on the truth of the two fundamental beliefs of Islam. These arguments attract the attention of the man, which make him realized that whatever he eat, drink and cook is possible only because of Allah wills.

If Allah has the power to create something once, why can’t he create it again?

This surah mentioned those people who doubt holy Quran. They were made to realize that everything was created by Allah. There are two sentences mentioned in the holy Quran which prove the fact that Allah is the creator and he has no partner.

Surah Waqiah
Surah Waqiah
Surah Waqiah

Hadith on the importance of surah Al-Waqiah:

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘’whoever recites one letter of the book of Allah, one good deed will be done for him, and one good deed has tenfold reward.’’ I do not say that Al-Lam is a letter, but Al-Lam is a letter, Lam is a letter and Mem is a letter.

At-Trimidhi hadith 2137 narrated by Abdullah Bin Masoud Radiyallah Anhu.

A person who recites surah Al-Waqiah every night will never experience poverty. And Ibn Mas’ud (RA) used to order his daughters to read every night.

Ibn Abbas may god be pleased with him, narrates that the messenger of god, may god bless him and grant him peace, said: surah malik is a protector. a rescuer; save from the punishment of the grave.’’

Benefits of surah Waqiah:

What are the benefits of surah Waqiah? Indeed, Allah has sent the solution to everything in the Quran. However, it is a man who does not bother to find a solution in the book of Allah!

Reciting and listening to the holy Quran is full of blessings and benefits for humans’ beings. Certain surah of the Quran is specifically recited for certain benefits. In this article we discuss the unique benefits of surah Al-Waqiah along with its message and lesson in the light of hadith and Islamic history.

These days, most people are living a life full of life of worries and stress. Much of this stress stems from economic factors where people worry about being able to provide for their families. The Quran is full of verses and surahs that bring blessings and blessings in our lives just by reciting them in our daily life.

1.To acquire wealth:

The Prophet said: surah Al-Waqiah is the surah o wealth, so read it and teach it to your children.

2.Protection in both worlds:

According to the scholars, those who read surah Waqiah and other surahs will be safe in both worlds.

3.For success:

The virtues of surah Al-Waqiah include success in all matters of life. And if one wants to achieve his goals or achieves success, then read this surah regularly and understand its meaning.

4.Avoid poverty:

The holy Prophet said that recitation of surah Waqiah saves from the poverty.

5.Radiant face on the day of resurrection:

The most amazing benefits of surah Al-Waqiah are that whoever keeps reciting this surah will have a bright on the day of resurrection.

6.Preparing for hereafter:

Surah Al-Waqiah offers numerous benefits and virtues to the reciters and one of them is that the person will be safe and it helps it to the person to prepare for hereafter.

Reciting surah Waqiah at night:

You should recite the holy Quran daily because regular remembrance of Allah brings many rewards. Especially daily recitation increases the benefits of surah Waqiah.

Below, we list some of these benefits:

A Muslim man read the holy Quran: it reminds you that the everything is under the control of Allah.

You are reminded that a higher power is in charge of your life as surah on the Last Day discusses. When you turn your problems and stress to your Allah, you are relieved of the stress living in uncertainty.


Surah Al-Waqiah is surah that should be recited if one wants to gain wealth. It is also warning to unbelievers that they will not get another chance after this life. Then they will be helpless and will not show mercy. Moreover, there is a lesson for mankind that death is enough to keep them on right path because everything that Allah has created has come to an end with the afterlife that lives forever.

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