Asma ul husna99 most famous benefits-waafaa

God Almighty is the creator of this world and has everything in it. It is important to know the attributes of Asma ul husna and Allah Almighty. Knowing Allah loves and fears a person, and hopes in it, and remains sincere with him in these deeds. There is no way to know Allah except to know his beautiful names and gain a proper understanding of their meaning.

When a person joins himself with learning about Allah almighty, he is doing what he was created for, but if he ignores the matters, he is doing what he was created for him. We as a Muslim should try to learn about Allah through our beautiful names and attributes. As much as much as we learn about our lord, we increase faith in Allah and recite Asma ul husna.

99 names of Allah(Asma ul husna):

As a Muslim, we believe that the name of Allah offers us many benefits, Muslim protects the name of Allah for you with meaning and benefits, Muslim protect the name of Allah on daily basis, good health, comfort, wealth, poverty alleviation, success, respect, and acceptance of the application, among other things.

The 99 names of Allah, also known as Asma ul husna, are the beautiful and powerful attributes of Allah in Islam. Each name explains a unique feature of Allah(Asma ul husna), and the recitation of these names is considered a form of worship and a way to connect to Allah.

Most popular name of Allah:

99 names of Allah are mentioned in the Quran and they are a fundamental part of the Islamic faith and practice. Some of Allah’s famous names include Er-Rahman, Al-Mulk, Al-Qadu, Aziz, Al-Wahab, AlMohayman, Al-Qadir, Al-Maqadim, Al-Mukhir, and Alwali.

Keeping reading for more information about Allah’s 99 names about SWT, their meaning and their benefits.

What are the 99 benefits of Allah?

Allah SWT chose 99 other names for itself. They are Asma Allah (al-Hasna or Asma ul husna).

  • When you recite them, you get good work (hasanat).
  • It strengthens your prayer and attracts the blessing of god almighty.
  • Recitation and learning about these traits can benefits you spiritually in different ways.

Recalling and following these attributes of Allah on a regular basis help a real Muslim discover the right way not only in this world but also after that can provide.

Asma ul husna translation in English:):

Asma ul husna are as follow

  1. AR-RAHMAN: The beneficial
  2. AR-RAHEM: The kindly
  3. AL-MALIK: The eternal lord
  4. AL-QADOOS: the most holy                
  5. AS-SALAM: Statue of Peace
  6. AL-MU’MIN: Affected by Faith
  7. AL-MUHAYMIN: Safety Prelude
  8. AL-AZIZ: All dominant
  9. AL-JABAR: Collector, Rehabilitation
  10. AL-MUTAKABIR: The Supreme, Majestic
  11. AL-KHALIQ: The Creator, Maker
  12. AL-BAARI: The Evolver
  13. AL-MUSAWIR: The Fashioner
  14. AL-GHAFAR: The Great Fake
  15. Al-Qahar: One of the first
  16. AL-WAHHAB: The Supreme Bestore
  17. AR- Razziq: The Provider
  18. AL-FATTAH: The Supreme Solver
  19. AL- ‘ALEEM: The All-knowing
  20. AL-QAABID: The Wood holder
  21. AL-BASIT: The Extender
  22. AL-KHAAFIDH: The Reducer
  23. ARRAFI: The Extra, elevator
  24. AL-MU’IZZZ: The Honors, The Supreme Bestower
  25. AL-MUZIL: The Dishonored, Humiliation
  26. AS-Sammie ’: The All hearings
  27. AL-BASEER: All Viewers
  28. AL-HAKAM: The Unethical Judge
  29. AL- ‘ADL: The Just
  30. AL-LATEEF: The Subtle One, Extremely Soft
  31. AL-KHABEER: The All Awareness
  32. AL-HALEEM: The Most forbidden
  33. AL- ‘AZEEM: The Excellent, Supreme
  34. AL-GHAFOOR: All Furging.
  35. ASH-SHAKOOR: Most commendable
  36. AL- ‘ALEE: Most, immovable
  37. AL-KABEER: The All brave and all-protecting
  38. AL-HAFEEDH: The Presitor
  39. AL-MUQEET: Stability
  40. AL-HASEEB: Reckner
  41. AL-JALEL: Magistrates
  42. AL-KAREEM: Most generous, most stable
  43. AR- RAQEEB: The Viewer
  44. AL-MUJEEB: The A responsible person
  45. AL-WAASI ’: The All Inking, Extreme
  46. AL-HAKEEM: The Always
  47. AL-WADUD: The most loving
  48. AL-MAJEED: The Excellent, highly respected
  49. AL-BA’ith: The Impressive of New Life
  50. Ash Shahed: The All Observing Witness
  51. AL-HaQQ: The Absolute Truth
  52. AL-WAKEEL: The Trustee, Disposal of Affairs
  53. AL-QAWIY: The All-Strong
  54. AL-MATEEN: The Firm, Steadfast
  55. AL-WALIY: The Safety Associate
  56. AL-Hammed: The commendable
  57. AL-MUHSEE: The All counts, counters
  58. AL-MUBDI: The Extractor, Initiative
  59. AL-MUEed: The Restored
  60. AL-MUHYI: The Gift of Life
  61. AL-MUMEET: The Death attack
  62. Always: Always live
  63. AL-QYYYOOM: The Stability, self-existent
  64. AL-WAAJID: The Preserver
  65. AL-MAJID: The Beautiful, wonderful
  66. AL-WAHID: The One
  67. AL-AHAD: The Unique, single
  68. AS-SAMAD: The Eternal, satisfactory of needs
  69. AL-QADEER: The Omnipotent One
  70. AL-MUQTADIR: The Powerful
  71. AL-MUQADDIM: Expeditor, Promoter
  72. AL-MU’AKHKHIR: The Deedhai
  73. AL-AWWAL: The First
  74. AL-AKHIR: The Last
  75. AZ-ZAAHIR: Manifesto
  76. AL-BAATIN: The Hidden made
  77. AL-WAALI: The Patron
  78. AL-MUTA’ALI: The Self-discharged
  79. AL-BARR: The Source of all good
  80. ATTWAB: The Always paid
  81. AL-MUNTAQIM: The Avenger
  82. AL- ‘AFUW: The Apologizer
  83. AR RAOF: The Most Type
  84. MALIK-UL-MULK: Master of the Kingdom, owner of the Dominion
  85. DHUL – Jalali Wal- IKRAAM: Lord of Majesty and Generosity
  86. AL-MUQSIT: The Just one
  87. AL-JAAMI ’: The Gator, Unit
  88. AL-GHANIY: Self-sufficient, rich
  89. AL-MUGHNI: The Enrique
  90. AL-MANI ’: Wood holder
  91. AD-DHARR: The Distresser
  92. AN-NFI: Predictive, Beneficial
  93. AN-NOOR: The Illuminator, THE Light
  94. AL-HAADI: the Guide
  95. AL-BADE ’: The Invincible Extractor, the Incomparable
  96. AL-BAQI: Eternal, the Everlasting
  97. AL- WAARITH: The In Herter, the Hair
  98. AR- Rashid: The Guide, Unbeatable Teacher
  99. AS-SABOR: The Forbidden, Patient

here is all Asma ul husna and translation of Asma ul husna.

Importance of Asma ul husna:

The use of these names in Dua blesses you and accepts it quickly. Reminding these names also has other importance.

Abu Huraira’s tradition: Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “There are ninety names of Allah, one hundred (100) minus one, and whoever knows them will go to heaven۔”

(Sih al-Bukharin)

Benefits of 99 Asma ul husna:

Asma ul husna and it’s benefits.

1.AR-Rahman will increase memory and consciousness by reciting it 100 times of every mandatory prayer. The recitinger will feel the burden away from his heart.

2. AR. Rahim will preserve this person 100 times after the prayer of Fajr from all tribulations. Moreover, he will find everyone kind to him. After dawn, the recitation of this name

3. Malik: will make a person rich. If one recites it 100 times every day,

4. Al-Qudas are never close.

5.AS-SALAM: Greetings The sick will regain his health if he is recited 160 times. It also has a frequent recitation of this name, which is protected from all kinds of tribulations.

6. AL-MU’MIN: Alumni will keep you safe from trouble, recalling it 631 times.

7 Al-Mohiman cleanses the soul of a person if he is recited 100 times after bathing and offering two rackets of prayer. 41 times the dawn prayer, the

8-Aziz recitation of this name will free and respect this person from others.

9 Anyone who recites this name several times will not be forced to do anything. He will be protected from oppression and labor.

10 Al-Motakabbar who recites this name frequently will receive honor and succeed.

11 Al-Khaliqullah: will assign an angel to the right guidance of this person if he recites this name 100 times for a fixed limit of 7 days.

12 Al-Bari This name only indicates that Allah has created all things in proportion.

13 Al-Masweir recite this name 21 times and tail on the water. Continue it for 7 consecutive days. Use water to break fast. Insha Allah, the woman will soon be awarded a child.

14 Al-Ghafar de Forgier, the one who forgives the sins of his slaves.

15 Al-Kahari This name will provide internal peace to this person and take this person to the right place.

16 Al-Wahab will remove poverty by recalling it frequently. Recalling him 40 times in the last prostration of the prayer of chasht will save this man from starvation.

17 R-Razak will be recited to this person and will be given a living.

18 Al-Fatah The recitation of this name shall be given success and victory in every aspect of his life.

19 The heart of the recitation from the light of El Al-Al-Lim Navar shall be bright.

20 Al-Qabid It eliminates poverty from home if it is written, and is eaten on 4 pieces of food for 40 days.

21 Al-Shat will no longer depend on others after repeating this name and rubbing his hands with his face.

22 Al-Khafidullah will meet the need of the person who recites him 500 times. It also acts as a protector of all enemies if a group of people sits in the gathering on the fourth day of fasting and each 70 times the name Recites.

23 Er-Rafi who recites this name 101 times a day and night will find the rich and will be considered extremely in merit.

24 Al-Moz, recalling this name 140 times the prayer of Magharb on Monday or Friday, may Allah make it royal in the eyes of other people.

25 Al-Madell remember this name 75 times and save the person from those who want to harm him.

26 Asami Allah shall fulfill the desire of someone who recites this name 500, 100, or 50 times on Thursday after the prayer of Chasht.

27 For the Enlightenment of Al-Basir Heart and John, recite this name 100 times of Jammah Prayer.

28 The secret will be revealed to the person who recites this name frequently at night.

If you write this name on a piece of bread on Friday, 29 Aldal people will obey you.

30 Al-Fatf To make your case customized, recite this name 133 times daily.

31 By reciting this name regularly, a man will become a good man who is involved in the wrong things.

32 Al-Halim Write this name on a piece of paper and wash it with water. Use this water to spray things. This will protect things from all kinds of losses.

33 To gain respect and honor, recite this name several times.

34 Al-Ghafour All Fur, The Forgery, which is very forgiving.

35 Ash Shakur If he recites this name 41 times daily, this person will be saved from all suffering.

36 Al Ali, who writes this name on a piece of paper, will achieve a high degree and success in all his works.

37 Al-Kaber will be honored by everyone who recites this name 100 times daily.

38 Al-Maqit Remember this name and tail on the water. Water the child with sick treatment. He will be obedient.

39 AL-MUQEET gives its creations strength and upbringing and retains everything that exists

40 AL-HASEEB Ever Reckner, he who takes into account all the steps and calculates them on the day of the decision.

41 Al-Jelle Repeating this name frequently will help a person gain respect and honor.

42 Al-Karam recite this name several times before getting great respect in this world and then, before going to bed.

43 R. Raqib recite this name seven times and tail on yourself or your family. It will ensure safety under the protection of Allah.

44 Al-Majib If you want the answer to any of your appeals, you will get it if you recite this name frequently.

If one recites this name several times, 45 Al-Sayullah opens the door to income. Her difficulties in earnings were eliminated.

46 Al-Hakim This name, when recited, removes the difficulties of the work.

47 Al-Wadod This name helps resolve differences between two people if someone else eats after reciting this name 1000 times in his meal Gives.

48 Al-Majid gives this name to a person with greatness.

49 Al-Beth This name gives a man the eye of God, and therefore, it leads him to a good path.

50 Ash Shahid Remember the name 21 times whose hand is placed on the head of the disabled person. Insha Allah, he will be obedient.

51 If you lose something, then recite this name.

52 Alocal Allah shall prevent this person from drowning or burning in fire if he recites this name frequently.

53 If he is unable to defeat the enemy, it protects a person from the loss of the enemy.

54 Al-Matin helps save a person from all kinds of worries.

55 Alwali recalls this name and makes this person closer to Allah.

56 Al-Hamad The recitation of this name will be praised and loved.

57 Al-Mosi This name simplifies the person if he is afraid to question on the Day of Resurrection.

58 Al-Mabdi pregnant woman will be safe from danger while aborting if she repeats the name several times.

59 Almod will bring this name 70 times, recalling the person who has left the house within 7 days, safe and safe.

60 This name reduces the burden of a person if recited 7 times a day.

61 This name completely destroys the enemy.

62 Al-Hayi will have a long life of the recitation of this name.

63 Al-Qayam will remain the repeater of this name.

64 Al-Wajid This name increases the abundance of the heart.

65 Al-Majid This name illuminates the heart of the recitation of it.

66 Al-Wheid It will only be a secret to reciting this name quietly 1000 times.

67 Al-Ahad Secrets will reveal to the person who recites this name 1000 times.

68 Assad will meet all the needs of the person who recites this name many times.

69 Al-Qadir Allah fulfills all the desires of the person who often recites this name.

The 70-faced recitation will be familiar with the truth.

71 Al-Maqadim takes away all fear by recalling this name on the battlefield and protects the person from harm.

72 Almerkhar 100 times reciting this name in the heart and reinforces the heart of this person with the love of Allah. All his worldly desires will be abolished because no other love will ever replace his heart.

73 If the wall is recited 40 times for 40 days, it will give a child to a family that does not bless anyone. In addition, if the passenger recites the name 1000 times on Friday, he will be safe and stable from home.

74 Al-Khair will be the good life and good death of the recitation of this name.

75 Az-Zahir The heart of the recitinger will be illuminated with light (al-light) if the name is recited 15 times after Friday’s prayer.

76 Albatin Only three times a day with the recitation of this name, he will know the truth in everything.

77 Alwali This name protects the house from all hazards.

78 All that recites this name shall be closer to Allah.

79 Al-Bar The future of the child by this name will be unfortunately cleansed.

If this name is frequently recited, 80 At Tob Doo is accepted.

81 Al-Mantakim It helps to win against enemies.

82 Alfo This name helps a person to forgive all his sins.

83 Arfa Allah blesses him who often recites this name.

84 Malik Malik This name respects his recitation in the people.

85 Dust Jalal Wall Akram This name removes poverty and makes a person rich.

86 This name protects against the loss of the devil.

87 Al-Jami With the power and splendor of this name, you will be able to find lost things.

88 Al-Ghani: will cleanse a person from all needs by recalling this name 70 times.

89 Al-Maghani: will be self-sufficient by remembering this name 1000 times for ten consecutive Fridays.

90. Al-Mani: 20times at bedtime recitation of this name provides a pleasant family life.

91 Ad-Darr: This name helps a person to get peace if he is read 20 times on Friday night.

92 AN-Nafi This name succeeds in every good verb if the text of this name is started 41 times.

93 AN. Noor This name illuminates the person inside.

94. Al-Hadi:recitation of this name meets one’s needs 1100 times.

95 Al-Badi: To get rid of any kind of pain, a person should recite this name 70,000 times.

96 Al-Baqi: to ensure that all your good deeds are accepted, recite this name 100 times every Friday night.

97 Al-Warith: If one recites this name 100 times the sunrise, he will be protected from grief and suffering.

98 al-Rashid: Recite this name 1000 times between Maghrib and Isha is any work which unable to perform.

99 Al-Sabur: recites this name 3000 times, he will get rid of his difficulty.

here is all benefits of Asma ul husna.

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