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Hazrat Noah(A.S) is recognized as a Prophet and messenger of god in Islam. He is one of the first Prophets. The mission of Hazrat Noah (A.S) is his. It was to warn who were mired in misery and sin. God entrusted Hazrat Noah (A.S) with the duty of preaching to his people, to make them leave idolatry. And He advised to worship only god lead a good and pure life. Although he zealously preach god’s message, his people rejected their.

Refuse to correct the ways, which lead to the building of ark and the flood, the great flood. There is disagreement in Islamic traditions that the great flood Was it global or local? According to the Quran, the preaching and prophet hood of Hazrat Noah (A.S) spanned 950  years.

Prophet Noah’s role for Islam:

He (A.S) had to warn his people, call them to repentance and, at the same time, seek God mercy and forgiveness.

Had to preach about, and promised them the good news o they lived righteously, god would grant them paradise.

The genealogy of several prophets according to Islamic tradition:

Hazrat Adam (A.s)

Hazrat Shis (A.s)

Hazrat Noah(A.s)

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S).

Hazrat Ismail (a.s) and Hazrat Ishaq (A.S)

Hazrat Musa (A.s).

  Hazrat Essa (A.s)

Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Hazrat Noah (A.s)
Hazrat Noah(A.s)

Reference of Quran:

In the Quran, Hazrat Noah(A.S) is defined by Allah, which reflects their great status between the Prophets. In Quran 17:3, Allah

"Of course he was the most grateful servant۔"

And the Quran also states in 3:33: ‘’Allah choose Adam and Noah, All-Jaran on all the people,

 The Qur’an says Noah was inspired by Allah, such as Abraham, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), Hazrat Ismail (A.S) ⁇ , Hazrat Isaac (A.S)  ⁇ , Hazrat Yacob (A.S)  ⁇ ,Hazrat Essa (A.S)  ⁇ , Hazrat Elias (A.S)  ⁇ , Hazrat Ayub (A.S), Hazrat Haaron (A.S) , Hazrat Younis (A.S), Hazrat Daood (A.S) ⁇  and Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and that he was a faithful apostle۔ Noah (A.S) had a firm belief in God’s unity, and they preached Islam.

Hazrat Noah(A.S) Dua:

Hazrat Noah (A.S) called us, and we are the best listener of the Dua.

  • And we save him and his people from great calamity.
  • And established his (A.S) descendants (on the earth).
  • And we left for him future generations.
  • ‘’hail and hail to Noah among the nation!’’

Hazrat Noah(A.S) constantly warned the people of coming painful punishment to stop worshiping idols like wad, sawa, yaghouth, ya’uq and Nasr. Accept one god instead of doing. Told the people to worship god, and said that no one but Allah could save them. He said that to the flood.

The time was appointed and could not be delayed, and people had to submit to Allah.

God ordered to Hazrat Noah(A.S) o build an ark while building it, the chieftains passed by him and mocked him for being complete.

At that time, the ark said to be loaded with the joints of every animals, and Noah’s household, and a group of believers who submitted to god. People who

Had rejected the message of Prophet Noah, including one of his own sons, drowned. Hazrat Noah(A.S) and Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S).

Scripture was taught. In the tafsir of the Prophet, peace be upon them, the verses refers to eight animals.

According to Islam he was a Prophet who was sent to warn the region and its people to change their ways. He has been 950 years old.

Delivered the message for more time. Islamic literature states that in the generation of Adam, many men and women follow the teaching of hazrat Adam.

Staying, just worshiping god and being saleh. Among Adam children were many brave and pious men, who were very brave and pious in their communities.

More love and honor was given. The commentary goes on and explains that people were deeply saddened by the death of these elders and that some made their statues in their memory

But Aktfa۔ Then, from generation to generation, many have forgotten how such mortals are for and began to worship them (as the devil slowly made every generation)

Slowly deceived) and with many other idols۔ For the guidance of the people, God responsible for the next prophet for humanity Done with responsibility

Hazrat Noah(A.S) Journey:

According to the Islamic faith, Noah began preaching to his nation orally and, for example۔ He kept praising God permanently and himself urged people to do the same، He warned his tribe of what punishment they would face if they did not correct their ignorant approach۔

The Quran’s say Noah repeatedly told his nation:

‘’O my people, worship Allah, there is no god but him, I a m afraid of the torment of a great day on you.’’

Initially, some people were impressed by the word of Noah, but the powerful and wealthy members of the tribe refuse to hear his call. Then the infidels were incited to revolt for various evil purposes. First, they were very proud and jealous of men superior to themselves. Saying, ‘’ do we obey you when we are

The following people are the lowest. Hazrat Noah (A.S) replied: ‘’they have only my lord, if you can understand. When Hazrat Noah preach to them the faith of god, so the only absolute the apostle, abused the message and called the whole warning a lie.

Then Hazrat Noah (A.S) explained in more depth the message, assuring them that it was not a message of destruction but message of god’s mercy, and that their acts will cause destruction if they do not accept faith. Hazrat Noah (A.S) asked them not believe that the future near.

What good will I benefit them۔ Hazrat Noah proceeded, and told his community that he did not ask them for any reward, stating that his only reward was God

Will be from۔ But the people of Noah threatened to stoned them۔

As time went on, Noah was strengthened in his preaching۔ When the infidels began to insult those who sent God’s message Accepted, believing that Noah would send these faithful to draw the rich infidels, Hazrat Noah revealed that he – arrogant And ignorant rich – wicked and sinful ۔ The people of Noah accused them of being called a priest or a madman۔ Hazrat Noah declared that

In no way is he just a good news, he is pretending to reveal secrets that are not able to reveal۔ this charges were made by Noah

He also denied that he was an angel, always saying he was a human apostle۔ when people refused to recognize their sins

If he did, Noah told them that it was not Noah but God who would punish them – even though God would want to۔

Hazart Noah’s Story Of Boat:

Due to his interest in the boat of Noah, several campaigns are being carried out to find him in modern times, ‘’archeology’’ even though still scientic.

It has not been confirmed by the community. These campaigns have been conducted in the Anatolian region, which is now Republic of Turkey, and the following

There are three places where the boat is thought to have landed:

    Mount Judi, based on the interpretation of the Qur’an (11:44) ۔ after descending from the boat on the mountain, Noah and the survivors of the flood are believed to have (number of whom)

About 80 are reported) built a settlement south of the mountain, called Thamnin or Thamanin, (meaning “same”)”) Number of survivors

Later۔ It is east of Cizre (at the end of the Tigris River, near the modern border of Syria and Iraq), southeast of Shaha and Iraqi

The city is located northwest of Zakhu۔

    Durupınar site on Mount Tendurek۔ On the one hand, the structure was considered a boat by people, because its shape was like a ship and its size (as

The length of 538 feet (164 meters) was estimated at about 515 feet (157 meters)۔ Based on 300-handed Bible measurements, and royal ancient Egyptian cubits 20.62 inches (0.524 m)۔ On the other hand, it was made of volcanic material instead of wood or petrified wood, so many scientists do not accept it

Do that it is a boat itself, or even a fossil of the boat.

Mont Ararat is based n the interpretation of genesis 8:4, which states that the boat landed in the ‘’Mountains of Ararat, although the many scholars says that the Bible is biblical. This sentence is not referred. A specific mountain, but vast region, with the Hebrew language ‘’Ararat’’ for Arato.

In the memory of Noah(A.S), Ashur also known as ‘’nine pudding’’, is a Turkish desert, which is grain, fruit, made from dried fruits and nuts.

Goes. These are believed to be the few ingredients that were left in the boat, which Noah and his family used to celebrate the end of the flood was.


This story of Hazarat Noah(A.s) tech us obey the order of Allah with pure heart and soul and then Allah never let you go in difficulties, Allah is always with us. We should need to follow his orders and always believe on Allah. There is an other part of story is which disobey the order of Allah and doing that thing that Allah does not like it. Allah will punish them.

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