Durood tanjeena Wazifa & best benefits5:

Durood tanjeena is also one of the most popular duroods, which contains the beneficial blessings for the believer. In addition to situation upon Muhammad, a Muslim also recites salutation for the sake of his soul and for the mercy and grace of Allah.

In Islam, durood is a prayer to Allah to send blessings and supplications to the last messenger, hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The religion of Islam consist of several durood Sharif and with the same outline and context. The most famous and favorite durood Sharif is durood Ibrahim which include the prayer for the entire family of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him).

 Durood tanjeena in English translation:

‘’o Allah, send a supplication on our master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, through which you delivers us from all fear and temptation. Through which you fulfill our every need. And through which you cleanse us from every sin.’’ It does. And by which you raise us to the highest level in your presence. And by which you raise up to the highest level in every kind of goodness, in this life and after death.’’

Durood tanjeena:

Durood tanjeena is a form of salawat, which refers to sending blessing upon the holy Prophet (peace be upon him). This is a special prayer that focuses on the praise and blessing of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and seek sanctification and purification by sending blessing upon him.

Durood tanjeena is cure for all disease in the period. It has complete answer to all complexities and needs that may come in one’s life. For example, a person going through the difficult time can take this Wazifa to find peace and hope for the future.

Wazifa of durood:

Durood-e-tanjeena is the blessed durood, the recitation of which relives you from every trouble and campaign.

Allama fakhi has narrated the incident of an earlier Shaykh Musa in Qamar Munir in which he said that we were travelling in a ship with a caravan when the sea ship was hit by a storm and this storm in Qahar khuda Windi.  Change came to rock the ship. It seemed that we had to believe that in the next few moments the ship might sink and would perish, with the result that the mullahs thought that only a lucky ship could survive such cold and frigidity.

The sheikh says that in the midst of this chaos, I was unable to sleep. Then I ordered my friend just to go and do ablution and start reciting durood Pak. In no time the sky cleared and the sea became calm. All passengers are safe with the blessing of durood Pak.

History of durood:

Durood tanjeena originated in the holy city of medina and has been passed down by the generations of pious Muslims. It popularity grow due to extraordinary spiritual benefits association with it. reciting this dua gives opportunity to connect with the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and receive the mercy and grace of Allah.

This durood is named as tinjina or tanzina, the elders of faith had tried it many times, and Hazrat Ghous Azam (R.A) said that a suspect was in difficult time, once he started reciting tanjina, the matter was resolved.

Benefits of reading durood tanjina:

Durood tanjeena is such a powerful durood sharif which has countless blessings on the believers, the benefits of Durood tanjeena are:

  • It helps in curing all kind of diseases like plague and other foster disease.
  • It gives them peace of mind and soul.
  • It helps in recovery from anxiety problems and depression.
  • Durood tanjeena grant success to the believers if they continue to fail.
  • The reciter is protected by Allah in all the difficult stages of his life.
  • This blessing helps us to stay away from our enemies.
  • Allah bestows his blessing and mercy upon the reciter.
  • It helps us to get through tough times.
  • A reciter gets maximum Ajar by reciting it well.
  • The word of durood tanjina are also fruitful in the hereafter.

Spiritual rewards:

Reciting Durood tanjeena gives immense spiritual reward. It strengthen the connection between the reciter and the prophet (peace be upon him), creating a deeper connection with Allah. Sending blessing on the holy prophet 9peace be upon him) is a mean of attaining divine mercy and spiritual growth.

Healing and protection:

Durood tanjeena is known for its healing properties. Many people has experience physical and emotional relief from reciting this surah regularly. It has a claiming effect on the heart, mind and body, protects against adversity and aids in the recovery process from the illness.


By reciting Durood tanjeena, a person can purify his soul and seek forgiveness for his sins. It is a mean of attaining inner peace and tranquility, promoting spiritual growth and seeking guidance from Allah. Prayer helps in purifying the heart, purifying it from the negative traits and promoting positive virtues.

Strengthen of faith:

Reciting Durood tanjeena strengthen faith is Islam. It serves as a reminder of exemplary character and the teaching of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), inspiring people to follow his noble example. Prayer deepens the understanding and appreciation of Islamic faith, leading to a stronger relationship with Allah.

Relives stress and anxiety:

Reciting Durood tanjeena can help calm the mind and body, and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Solve problems:

Reciting Durood tanjeena can help find solution to problems, and help pave the way to success.

Bring good luck:

Reciting Durood tanjeena can help to attract good fortune, and help make the person’s life more prosperous.

Improve sleep:

Reciting Durood tanjeena can help to improve the quality of sleep, and help you to get a good night rest.

Bringing good dreams:

Reciting Durood tanjeena can help bring about good dreams, and help to have a positive outlook on life.

Protection from evil:

Reciting Durood tanjeena can help ward off evil, and ward of negative effects.

Bring peace of mind:

Reciting Durood tanjeena can help achieve peace of mind, and lead to a more balance and fulfilling life.


It is absolutely authentic as it was first recited by the messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him). And it was presented by Muhammad (PBUH) to sheikh Musa al-Dar. After this formal presentation, several of Durood tanjeena were also released. It is the best remedy for anxiety problems, panic attacks and depression as stated by various scholars.

There are no words of blessing in the holy Quran, but it is recited by Prophet Muhammad.

In summary, Durood tanjeena is an excellent remedy for stress, anxiety problems and depression. A believer should try to read in order to bless by the mercy of Allah during the difficult phase of life.

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