Surah Asr best tafseer and benefits 103

The name of this surah is ‘’Al-Asr’’ which is derived from the first verse. Surah Asr consist of one bow and three verses. It has fourteen words and sixty eight letters and it is the 103rd surah of the holy Quran. According to the mainstream of scholars, surah Asr was revealed in Makah and called Maki surah.

These are the three verses of the oceans of mystery and knowledge, the edge of which is finite and their depth is incalculable. The eloquence of the Arabs becomes a picture of wonder and the intellect is dazzled by the miracle of human meaning.

Tarabi has narrated from ubaydullah ibn Hafs that

‘’whenever two companions, MayAllah be pleased with them, met each other, one companion would recite this surah before leaving.‘’

English translation of surah Asr:

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most merciful.
Time is witness that surely there is loss of man.
Except the believers
Who do well, and model a life of truth and practice patient together.

Tafseer of surah Asr

Verse 1:

What is the meaning of Asr in surah Asr? This surah is organism started by profanities ‘’ Al-Asr’’. Asr means time and Asr is also a part of the day in which prayer is offered between Zhur and Maghreb .time itself is the best testimony of the truth that described in surah Asr.

Some commentators have said that Wal-Asr refers to the era of the time of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Undoubtedly, every age testifies the authenticity of the article mentioned in this surah. But the indisputable, irrefutable testimony that the Mustafa era has given is nowhere else to be found. Those who did not accept the invitation of Muhammad (peace be upon him) in spite of their emirates, state and various characteristic perished. Humanity has forgotten them.

It will be suitable.

Firm belief (faith)

Good deeds (virtues)

The truth


He became the dignity of the humanity, the light of the eye and the pride of the employment. When their names comes to the tongue, light spread in the world of purity and profit. The tyrannical powers tremble at their memory.

This group consisting of one hundred and twenty four thousand saints of Allah and their footsteps is performing the duty of guiding this humanity. He has raised the head of man with pride by his divinity and sincerity of action. Therefore, if Wal-Asr refers to the promise of Prophet Hood, then it will be very appropriate.


In the second verse of Asr, it is mentioned that every human being is in loss. Every man is like a person who has a best capital and every day is part of his wealth is taken away against his will.

Our capital in this business of life is time and there is no other capital more valuable than that. Those who squander it to no purpose squander it in luxury and spend it in pursuit of mortal and transitory things instead of the remnant of virtue will profit by the virtue of the life. Their capital has sunk. What could be greater harm than that?


In the third verse of surah Asr, Allah reveals a complete program of four principles (virtues) for this humanity. The fortunate people of the society who possess the following qualities are crowned with true prosperity.

The first and most important thing is that they believe in their lord sincerely. And confirm the Prophet has presented to them. Accept what is offered whole heartedly.

Another attribute is that heartfelt conviction he expressed in his language is confirmed by every step he take on the field.

As far away their success is disturbed, it is owned to the incidence of these two attributes. Although who will call him a lamp that does not erase the darkness around him?

Therefore, surah Asr says that the third quality is that he tries his best to accept the truth and established his supremacy in his sphere of influence. This effort cannot be fruitful until he and his labors uphold the truth. It should encourage those who accept it to bravely bear the hardships of this path. This is possible only when they continue to teach each other patience and insistence. Preserves in face of difficulty and set a good example for others.

Patience is the key to success. This means not only that you should not be harmed and not afraid, but also that you should be patient in doing good. Be patient to avoid sin. Work patiently on the shariat. Be patient in the face of environment pressure.

Benefits of reading surah Al-Asr;

Here are the some of the benefits of surah al-Asr.

For forgiveness:

Recite surah Asr for forgiveness of sins. So when you are reciting the Quran or praying, read this surah every time for Allah’s forgiveness. According to Hadith:

It will be the Day of Judgment for the reciter

If you want a bright face and happy appearance on the Day of resurrection, then recite surah Asr.

Increase the level of patience.

Those who recite surah Asr will be patient in adversity and will be counted among the truthful. This surah automatically increases your level of patience when you recite it. In addition, your faith will be strengthened. Allah will reward those who are patient on the Day of Judgment.

‘’whoever recites surah Asr in his optional prayer, Allah will raise him up with a bright, radiant face, a pleasant appearance and pleasant eyes, even when he enters paradise on the Day of resurrection.’’ Al-Islam

Solve health problems:

You will also be capable to solve your health problems with this surah. If your stomach hurts and you are sick, recite this surah 11 times with strong faith.

Increase harmony and love

The best way to spread harmony and love around by reciting this surah. This will be possible if everyone works with patience.

For safety:

Read this surah and write it down on a piece of paper, then keep it with you. If you stand against a dictator, you will get protection. Then Allah will protect you.

Solving problems of daily life:

If you have any problem in your daily life then this surah is the best solution. You can read this surah and then ask Allah for help if you face any difficulty in your life and it is a good surah for peace of mind. This surah is the best solution to your daily life problems. If you face any difficulty in life, read this surah and pray to Allah.

Allah is only God

Among all the benefits of surah Asr, the best benefit is that this surah also strengthen faith in Allah. The recitation of this surah also reminds us that Allah is only one. And he is only creator who is most merciful.

Virtues of Surat al-Asr:

Tabrani has recorded

On the authority of Abdullah bin Husain Abi Madina, he said that whenever two men from among the companions of the messenger of Allah, May god bless him and grant him peace, met, they would not separate until one them recites a surah to other. Do not read Asr completely. One of them gave a greeting message to the other. (Tafseer ibn Kathir)

Al-shafi’I said

‘’if people consider on this surah, it is sufficient for them.’’ (Tafseer ibn Kathir)

Abu Madina narrated:

Whenever two men of the companion, may god bless them and grant them peace, met, they would not part until one of them recite to other: ‘’by oath, man is at a loss’’ (103:1), and the other will bid him farewell in peace.

Important things mentioned in surah al-Asr:

The period between the creation of the universe and the judgment.

Life of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him):

Salat al-Asr (afternoon prayer)

According to this surah, believers should work together to strengthen their position in the hereafter. People should do righteous deeds and avoid sin, disbelief and disobedience. Here Allah swears by Asr that man is at a loss, except those who are on the right path, those who do good deeds, are patient and speak the truth.


Thus, Al-Asr is a beautiful chapter full of wise verses for humanity. Therefore, it is recommended to hold fast patience while accepting the truth and facing difficulties because both attaing the truth and showing patience and persistence in its path are very important. Surah Asr is an unparalleled example of brevity and comprehensiveness. A great sense of understanding is encapsulated in a few verses. Humanity path to prosperity, failure and loss is simply and straightforwardly explained. Imam shafi’I rightly said that if people only meditate on this surah for their guidance, then only this surah satisfy them. Surah Asr is quranic miracle, which was described 1400 years ago to the modern concept of relativity.

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