Milad-ul-Nabi best speech 12 rabbi ul Awal

Milad, Milad-ul-Nabi, or Milad-ul-Nabi is an important day in the history of Islam which is the birthday of the beloved Prophet Muhammad. It is celebrated as Islamic festival in many countries of world. Although the exact date of this day is not known and is a matter of debate, the day is observed on 12 Rabi ul awwal. Rabi ul Awwal is the third month of the Islamic lunar calendar that comes after the month of Safar. Celebration on this day vary from place to place around the world. The month is auspicious and can be used to learn more about the teaching of the Prophet (peace be upon him), makes supplications and supplications, read Islamic stories and much more.

Speech on Milad-ul-Nabi:

Dear sir and colleagues!

There are sadness everywhere. The reign of darkness, ignorance and hypocrisy. Wine was drunk like water. Daughters were buried alive at birth, the powerful ruling over the weak. The slaves were treated in ways we cannot imagine today.


The Prophet (peace be upon him) came to this world to end the darkness and ignorance. He brought the treasure of faith. They came as ‘’truths’’ to remove the hypocrisy. He came to put an end to the wine. He came to restore the honor and dignity of woman, mother, daughter and sister. He came to free the slaves who were suffering hardship and atrocities. With the advent of the holy Prophet (PBUH), a ray of light spread throughout the world, especially on the land of Arabia. Everything shook. Trees, mountains, and everything else bow down to your glory.

Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) came as a savior for every human being. He came as a mercy to the Arabs and the people of the rest of the world. He is the Prophet who was followed by the messenger of Allah. How blessed we are his ummah (believers) from our very birth. We have received from god what all the messenger of the god desired.

And why wouldn’t anyone do that?

He will be an intercessor on the Day of Judgment. He will be one offering water from the kausar reservoir. He will forgive his believers.

Respect sir!

Prophet Muhammad’s teachings are like an open book for us, but we only need to follow his teachings. That is, the open book is the holy Quran. There is a answer to every problem and disease in the holy Quran. The holy Quran is actually an ‘’alchemical composition’’ sent by Allah to his believers through the Prophet (peace be upon him). And he was living example of Quranic teachings. The fortune of the enviable bibi Halima (may allay pleased be upon him) who fed the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) who held the holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) in her arms.

Friends! Why don’t we declare the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal as eid? This is the day when the entire humanity gained the freedom from stone idols. And we all found the path to the true god “Allah”. Just think that hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) had not come to us, we would still be groping in darkness and darkness.

On this honorable day, Allah laid foundation for our forgiveness and blessed us with a “perfect guide”, who guided us to the right path.

O Muslim! Today, celebrate the birthday of the Prophet. The day Muhammad (peace be upon him) came to this world. Celebrate but not with firework and modesty. Don’t waste money, but populate the mosques, pray the nafl prayer, recite durood, help the poor, feed the beggars and destitute because this is the true teaching of the Arabic prophet Muhammad.

O Allah, we beseech your people to give us the courage to celebrate Eid Milad-ul-Nabi, which will lead us to the right path, which has your consent and approval.


Importance and significances of Milad:

One of the major festival in the Islamic world, eid Milad-ul-Nabi is seen as a day to give thanks, pray and gather with family and friends. People organize feast and gatherings, and many Muslim visit shrines, mosques, and dargahs on this day.

Dates of Milad-ul-Nabi:

The celebration of Milad-ul-Nabi will start from the evening of 27th September 2023 and will end an evening 28th September 2023.

Facts of eid Milad-ul-Nabi:

Milad shares the events of both birth and death of holy Prophet.

Muslim engage in donations and charity and organize eid that are offered to the poor.

Milad is known in the West Africa as Mawold.

Milad was first declared a public holiday by the Ottomans in 1588.

There are divisions within the Muslim community regarding the date of the birth of the Prophet of Islam.

Some section of Muslim community believe that other than Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, no other event is celebrated according to the Islamic holy book.

Celebrating Milad holidays and celebration is prohibited in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In countries where it is celebrated, people wear green colored clothes on this day with green banners, flags, tie green ribbons around their waist or heads. Green represents Islam and paradise.

Gun salute and religious hymns are common on the occasion of Milad in Pakistan.

In India, Milad is celebrated with all-night prayers and display of relics of the Prophet in Jammu and Kashmir. And rallies and parades in Telangana.

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