Surah lahab111: best benefits &Tafseer:

Surah Lahab is the 111th Surah of the Holy Quran. It is also called Surat al-Masad, the title meaning “palm fiber”. It was revealed in Mecca. It has 5 verses and 1 bow. Surah Lahab is located in Chapter 30. This Surah is about Abu Lahab, Abu Lahab is the only person among the enemies of Islam whose name is cursed in the Holy Quran. He is from the family of Banu Hashmi, he crossed all limits of enmity with the Messenger of Allah.

Revelation time:

This surah was revealed in 616-618 AD. When Abu Lahab, one of Abdul Muttalib’s descendants, crossed all the limits of his aggression. Then the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) called his relatives and informed them about the fear of God. This Surah was revealed in response to Abi Lahab’s laughter. And announced that both Abu Lahab and his wife will burn in the fire of hell.

Surah Lahab:

Surah lahab
Surah lahab

Story of surah Lahab:

It is narrated from Ibn Abbas that when the verse:

“And admonish the near relatives.”

was revealed, the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was commanded by Allah to gather his close relatives and announce the invitation to Islam for the first time, and that he is the Messenger of Allah. Then he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) climbed to the top of Mount Safa and called: Ya Sabaha. (This phrase was used to tell all people to prepare to defend themselves when an enemy was about to attack.)

When people heard Muhammad’s call, they went to him. He addressed various Arab tribes by name and asked: “If I tell you that there is a large army of the enemy lying at the foot of this mountain on the other side, will you believe me?”

The entire assembly unanimously said:

“Of course we will believe because you have never lied.”


The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“I have come as a warner from Allah to preach the monotheism of the Lord”.

Hearing this, Abu Lahab said:

“Perdition to thee! Is that why you gathered us?”

At that time this Surah was revealed:

“May the hands of Abu Lahab perish, may he (himself) perish.”

The threat and enmity of Abu Lahab and his wife was not limited to this act. They were the worst people of the time and the most habitual enemies of early Islam. This is why the Quran clearly condemns them.

Benefits of Surah lahab:

This is a short but beautiful surah of the Quran. So let me tell you how you can benefit from this surah. Apart from this, I will also explain the real meaning of this surah easily. So, let’s begin.

Abiding in paradise:

The prophet of Islam (PBUH) said:

“Those who recites and follow the light verses of surah Mas’d will be deprived of joining Abu lahab in his prayer in the hereafter. In other words, if one recites according to the light verses of surah lahab and he if he does it, he will be given a place in heaven.

Getting rid of pain:

If you recite surah Masad for pain, the pain will be cured.

To be under god’s protection:

Surah lahab recites while sleeping leads to protection and protection from Allah.

Benefits of Suhr from surah lahab:

It isa situation in which one person’s feelings for another are unrequited, or a delusion. Recite this Surah 71 times between Maghreb and Isha prayers to end unfaithful love. Suppose two groups of individuals are kept separate.

Safe from harm from enemies:

If your enemy is front of you and wants to harm you. Then recite this surah 7 times. After that he will not be able to harm you.

Stopping rain:

If you wants to prevent rain before the event or there is possibility of rain, read this surah. Inshallah the rain will stop.

Exhortation to do good deeds:

This surah is warning to Muslims that if your deeds are bad, you will not be safe from punishment. So do good deeds.

Control aggressive behavior:

This surah will help you to control your anger and aggressive behavior. It is a great enemy of humans.

Danger of hell:

This surah conveys a message to the reciter that your comfort to this world may put you in danger of hell. So live simple life.

Ending love:

Recite this surah 71 times after magreb prayer, then it will be enough to give up love.

Reminds us of Allah’s power:

This surah always reminds the reciter that Allah has all powers. He can do anything. But no one can do it without his permission.

Effects of surah lahab:

Since this surah was a message to the enemies of Islam, it also affects the life of every Muslim.

Don’t lie:

This surah gives us a lesson that under no circumstances lies. And stop narrating false stories, otherwise the punishment on the day of resurrection is permissible.

Never make enemies:

This surah also warns the reciters not to become an enemy of those close to Allah. And if you do, it will eventually get worse.

Follow the prophet’s mosque:

The reciter of this surah is always guided by the messages of his Prophet. Therefore, this surah tell us not to take the Prophet’s warning lightly.

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