Surah Az zalzala99: benefits great Importance

Surah Az zalzala, also known as surah zalzal, is the 99th chapter of the Quran and placed in the 30th juzz. The subject of this surah is about the life after death, how the good and bad deeds of the men will be presented to them.

Surah zalzal means earthquake. It is called Makki surah late meaning that it was revealed in Mecca during the lifetime of the holy Prophet but some scholars said it is madhni surah. It is dispute that wether or not surah Az-Zalzalah was revealed in Makkah or Madinah.

The holy Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized this surah and recitation a lot. In term of reminding the Day of Judgment, this surah is very important. Although the surah is very short, its content is very comprehensive and of great importance. Surah zalzal not only reminds us of the short-lived nature of human life on earth, but also reminds us receiving the blessing of Allah as a result of your good deeds.

Translation of Surah Az zalzala:

When the earth is shaken by its [last] earthquake.

And when the earth shall throw out all its substance.

And humanity cries, "What's wrong with that?"

On that day it will give its news.

Because you’re Lord has revealed.

On that day people will go separately [into categories] to show the result of their deeds.

So whoever does good deeds, he will see it.

And whoever commits even an iota of evil will see it.
Surah Az zalzala
Surah Az zalzala

Summary of Surah Zalzal

This Surah describes how the Day of Judgment will begin. The whole earth will shake with the most violent upheaval and it will continue to shake until I destroy everything on this earth until all the mountains are flattened, all the buildings are level with the floor. It states that when that day comes, everything we have done will be brought to Allah subhanahu WA ta’ala. This land will speak its own information and tell all that people have done on it. Who prayed, who gave charity, who lied, who abused and who stole.

Everything that was in our hearts or that we did will be erased. All good and all bad. Accountability will begin before Allah and we will be accountable from every angle. The purpose of this surah is that every single thing is recorded with precision. We have to account for all the blessings He has given us and how we have used them and also for all the bad things we have done.

Actions will be described in such detail that not even the smallest of your good or bad deeds will be left out. People will be divided into groups and then their track record will be shown to them.

Benefits of surah:

Surah zalzal is one of the most powerful surah of the holy Quran and has numerous benefits. Reciting this surah can have many physical, mental and spiritual benefits, making it valuable part of spiritual practice. Surah zalzal is not only beneficial for physical and mental health but also has the power to bring healing and peace to its reciters. It is believed that the benefit of surah zalzal can heal both body and soul and the Quran is said to be powerful source of healing for everyone.

Surah Az zalzala is a short but powerful Surah

The short but powerful Surah Az zalzala is a Surah of the Holy Quran that was revealed in Mecca. This surah has 8 verses and is one of the Makki surahs. The name Zalzal itself means “earthquake” and is a symbol of the shaking of the earth on the Day of Resurrection.

The main subject of this surah is Allah’s power and justice and how people should respond to it is the basic theme of this surah. The power of Allah can be seen in the first verse of this Surah. It says, “When the earth shakes with its (last) earthquake.” The message here is that whatever happens on earth is by the will of Allah.

The recitation of Surah is equal to half of the Quran:

 There are numerous benefits of reciting this Surah. The most important thing is that reciting this surah once is as if you have read half of the Quran. This shows that we can earn more reward in less time but it does not mean that we should stop reading the whole Quran and recite only Surah Az zalzala. We should recite the Quran regularly and thoroughly. Allah has kept the secret of a perfect life in this Holy Quran and it is up to us to take advantage of it that will benefit us.

Your small deeds are not shattered

Never underestimate small kindnesses. No matter how small an action, it is always recorded and counted in our deeds book. Picking up something from the floor of the mosque that harms the worshiper is a very minor and insignificant thing, but it can be very rewarding. Whereas, due to carelessness, what seems very small to us can harm someone and make us sinful in the sight of Allah.

The amazing thing is that we get 10 times reward for every good deed and every bad deed is written only once. This will make our books heavier than the books on the left (Inshallah). Keeping this thought in our minds can help us change the intention of every little thing we do and reap the rewards as a result.

The earth is the witness

We should increase righteous deeds in various places so that those places will bear witness for us on the Day of Judgment. We may recall the verse of this surah which states that the earth will speak all that it has seen by the people on its surface. When a person dies, the places where they used to pray and do good deeds are actually lost.

Justice will be done

One of the names and attributes of Allah is “Adil”, which is the only one. Who does justice? Whoever believes in Islam believes in divine justice. Allah never wrong and he will not allow his creatures to be wronged.

Now the surah indicates that there will be accountability, which means that Allah will allow justice to prevail. Every oppressor will be rewarded and every oppressor will be punished for his cruelty. So the next you feel that someone is doing you injustice, reciting this surah will always remind you that Allah will take revenge on you. This worldly life is going to be very easy.

Fear of Allah:

The above thought can therefore bring the fear of Allah in our hearts. We will think twice before doing injustice to someone or trying to take some else’s right.


We should pray to Allah to give us the ability and opportunities to increase our righteous deeds. We pray to Allah that we remember the day when all our deeds will be revealed and we prepare for it.

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