Nikah: What is Marriage in Islam best explain

Marriage (Nikah) is, in a sense, permitted by divine command to continue the human race on earth so that the affairs of the world can be conducted in an orderly plan which is the original purpose of creation. The desire between opposite sexes for communion arises in humans as well as in any animal.

But the expression of this natural desire must, for special reason, be regulated and regulated among men in such a way as to distinguish between man and beast, so that there may be no violation of the laws enacted in this respect. In any period of human civilization, either through persuasion or through the agency of religion, punishment was immediately detected and corrected.

Islam, being the most completes and final institution for the protection of the welfare of mankind in both worlds is the most important for the development and welfare of humanity under the divine command contained in the Holy Qur’an and revealed through it. Precautions have been taken.

Human sensitivity in private and public sectors. It is no exaggeration that the Qur’anic injunctions expanded and supplemented by the Prophetic commentary through the hadiths are the best, the most advanced and the most appropriate to guide and guide all human inspiration in all walks of life. We shall limit our main focus in this section to the understanding and practical application of the Qur’anic laws and hadiths or the requirements of marriage or Nikah.

Ayat about Nikah:

Allah the Exalted says: Verily We have sent to you Messengers and made wives for them and children. If you get married, then Allah will enrich you with His bounty and grace, and Allah is All-Wise and All-Knowing.

Hadith about Nikah:

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said to him, “ Akaf is the name of a companion, O “ Akaf, do you have a wife?

Akaf said, “O Messenger of Allah, no.

 Then He (peace be upon him) said, ‘If you are rich, then you have the opportunity to marry.’ He is one of Satan’s brothers. If you were among the Christians, you would be their monk. It is our way to marry without division. The worst among you are those who are unmarried, and the worst among the dead are those who died unmarried.

Are you attached to Satan? Satan has no better snare than women. He who is active among the pious, but who is married, is purer than them. And he said, O Akaf, it is bad for you, get married; otherwise you will be among those who are left behind.

Basic Knowledge about Nikah:

Allah Ta’ala has permitted the meeting of men and women and the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) encouraged such meetings within specified and safe limits. Marriage is the initial or very first stage of entering into each other’s life between a man and a woman, which in modern terms is a social contract to enter into each other’s life as husband and wife. Consenting and signing the agreement in an open public meeting, and under very specific conditions requiring compliance without any negligence or willful negligence.

Nikah means the bond or contract that makes sexual relations and other matters of life lawful and permissible with the woman concerned.

Because what is meant by wealth comfort and carelessness, neither the man who does not have a wife nor the woman who does not have a husband is fortunate. There is a hadith on the authority of Hazrat Abdullah bin Masoud, the meaning of which is this. That the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to us: O community of youth, whoever among you can bear the burden of household chores.

That is, if he can afford the wife’s expenses, then he should get the married man married. And it is a great sin to have a bad view, it is a great unblessing.

My brothers, those houses where the children are young, whether it is a boy or a girl, should get them married quickly and they should also get married soon because the society is very bad and the girls and boys who commit sins are responsible for them. May Allah Almighty grant us all the opportunity to marry our children on time, and for those brothers who do not have means, may Allah Almighty make them means soon. (Amen)

Benefits of Nikah:

The promise of a reward for the work of which has been emphasized within the Shariat is a command related to the Shariat. And the one in which this is not mentioned is the work of the world, that is, if there is no condition of reward or if there is no strong incentive, then it is not related to the Shariat.

So this is also an act of worship and it is the work of Shariat that it has been encouraged in the Holy Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) has presented various hadiths that there are some places of marriage within the Shariat. The commandment comes from the fact that it has been strongly stated and in some places marriage has been encouraged.

And the jurists have defined marriage as better than Nuafil worship, and if a person who has the power to take care of the household and can bear the expenses of the household does not marry, then you have condemned him.

Rights of a wife over her husband:

Apart from the dowry, it is her husband’s responsibility to provide food, clothing and shelter and other necessities. He should show friendly and courteous behavior towards her and try to keep her satisfied and happy, so that she can maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the house.

 He should not resort to beatings and verbal abuse over trivial matters. The Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “Those among you are good (and worthy of praise) who treat their wives well and treat them with kindness and gentleness.”

He has said that a Muslim should not hold his believing woman as detestable and detestable (or in other words should not despise small faults and things that are beyond her mind.) If she has any If there is something undesirable, then of course. It should have many virtues and qualities that compensate for the disadvantages. A man should not dwell on his faults alone, but should place his virtues before himself. So as not to arouse unpleasant feelings against him. He should not beat his wife as one beats a slave

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