Surah Humazah 104: best explanation & benefits

Surah Humazah is the 104th surah of the Quran with 9 verses. The surah takes its name from the word Hamza in the first verse and condemns all kind of wickedness, backbiting, and all those who strive to amass and amass wealth. Because of which they lose the full value of their humanity, and vilify, insult and ridicule those who do not have it (wealth). These selfish people, who are proud of their wealth, enjoy talking or talking about men or women’s voices, words, taunts, behavior, impersonations, ridicule or insults.

At the end of the surah, reference is made to their painful fate. It says that they will be cast into hell with humiliation. Before their other belongings, the blazing fire of hell will burn; their hearts and minds will wither. The center of all their pride and arrogance. This unending fire will always be with them.

What is the summary of Surah Humazah?

Surah Humazah is one of the shortest Surahs of the Quran which makes it easy for Muslims to learn. Here are some more short and easy surahs to learn. Surah Hamza is on a very specific topic warning the pious Muslim to beware of sins such as backbiting, covetousness and backbiting. The name of the surah is specific, as is the term Hamzah, which means slanderer. This surah guides Muslims in the right direction, tells them the consequences of wrong actions and depicts the punishment prescribed for those who commit the crimes of backbiting, backbiting and greed.

Islam is based on the concept of love and peace. Slandering someone behind their back will disturb the peace and create anxiety and anger among the people. Ridicule, mockery and acts of contempt make a person self-righteous and self-righteous. These traits do not contribute to building a great society.

It is also important to understand that backbiting means talking about a person behind their back in a way that is unacceptable to their face. That is, the characteristic that is under discussion is present in the subject, but it will not be a favor to discuss it in front of them in any assembly. However, backbiting means gossiping about someone without any basis and simply making false accusations about someone in their absence.

Similarly, accumulating wealth and using it just to make fun of others, using wealth for wrongdoing and not using it is also a sin. These sins increase the lust for money and affect the moral and ethical values โ€‹โ€‹of the society. Islam teaches its followers to use money for themselves and others to create an environment of love and balance. Disobeying this order means calling down the fire of Hell upon oneself. Greed is one of the greatest sins and must be eradicated from society.

Benefits of surah Hamza:

Surah Humazah I short in reading but it is great surah. It teaches an ideal way of living a peaceful life without bothering oneself and others with the burden of useless social debates. It is also eye-opening regarding the right financial approach for a Muslim to lead a comfortable life. Reading Surah Hamza with its meaning and explanation opens our eyes to an important aspect of life. However, it has some benefits if read only in Arabic with a pure heart and intention.

Source of innumerable blessings:

Surah Humazah is the source of countless blessings of Allah. His revelation was not only for the comfort and satisfaction of the people suffering from backbiting and backbiting, but it is also a source of blessing.

Protects from enemy:

Regular recitation and blowing of this Surah is effective for protection from enemies. In some cultures, it is used as a talisman to protect children.

Inclination to goodness:

Reciting it with clear understanding will remind you how you should live your life and improve it. It turns the heart towards piety and positivity by removing worldly pleasures like gossip and wealth.

Get closer to Allah

This surah informs Muslims of their temporary existence, how wealth is merely an attraction and not the goal of life. Abstaining from money brings them closer to Allah through piety and gives real meaning to life.

Good for sore eyes

This surah is the best remedy for eye pain. Reading it and blowing it on eye patients or using it to treat the blind was very useful. Repeating this and blowing on the water and drinking and washing the eyes will also help with eye problems. A talisman of this surah will serve the same purpose for this purpose.

Reduces poverty:

Regular recitation of Surah Hamza in prayers ensures that the reciter will never face poverty and his nutritional needs will be met.

Prevents horrible delath

Obligatory recitation of Surah Hamza in prayer avoids all kinds of horrible or sudden death. It is known to ward off death of a mysterious and blasphemous nature.


Surah Humazah is one of the most accurate yet powerful verses of the Holy Quran. Allah sent this surah to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came to know that some people were making fun of him. Like the entire Qur’an, it is timeless, regardless of its context. This applies everywhere because backbiting, gossip and backbiting are the three most common vices in any society. Greed is also dominant due to the love of money.

It clarifies the position of the oppressors, mentions their terrible end, and explains how the said behavior is wrong. It touches the hearts of those who are victims of bullying. This comforts them with the idea that scoffers and sinners have nothing good for the Day of Judgment. The Surah confirms that their end will be dire. It is a source of guidance and warning for those who are open to understanding.

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