Surah al-Fajr89: best Tafseer and benefits

Surah al-Fajr (“The Dawn”, “Daybreak”) is the 89th chapter (surah) of the Qur’an, consisting of 30 verses or verses.

Surah Fajr in English describes the destruction of unbelieving people: the ancient Egyptians, the people of Aram of the Pillars, and Madina Salih.

It condemns those who love wealth and look down on the poor and orphans. The righteous are promised Paradise – the last verse says “And you shall enter My Paradise!” The surah is attributed to the word al-Fajr after which it opens.

English translation Surah al-Fajr:

In the name Allah, the most merciful, the most kind.

 From the day to day break

Five to twice by night;

Even through weird (alternate);

And by night when passes;

Is there a supplement (or evidence) for those who understand (no) in them?

It does’ look like your lord treated Ed (people)

(City) Of Irm, with high pillars,

Of which (all) were not prepared in the ground?

And with Thamod (people), who cut (major) stones in the valley

And with Pharaoh, the owner at stake?

(All) They crossed the land,

And there is a lot of mischief (on corruption).

Therefore, your Lord cursed them with a variety of torment:

Because you’re Lord is on a watchman (as a Guardian).

Now, as is the case with man, when his Lord conquers him, and gives him honor and gifts, he said, (Effer) ، "My Lord has honored me."

But when he trusts it, he bans his livelihood for it, and then he said (disappointed) ، "My Lord has humiliated me!"

No, no! But you do not respect orphans!

Nor do you encourage each other to feed the poor!-

And you are inheriting - with all greed,

And you love wealth with immense love!

no! When the ground powder is shelled,

And your Lord comes, and his angels hold office,

And hell, that day, is brought (faced with the face), - man will remember that day, but how will this memory benefit him?

He will say: "Ah! Would I send (this) my (future) for life (good deeds)!"

Because, that day, his torment will be like no one can hurt (answer),

And its bonds will be like no one (other) can be bound.

(The good soul will be said :) "O (thou) Spirit, (full) comfort and satisfaction!

"Come back to your Lord, - well happy (self), and happy with it!

"Then, join my devoted!

"Yes, you enter my paradise!

Virtues of reciting surah Fajr:

The messenger of Allah, May god bless him and grant him peace, said that whoever recites surah Fajr in the first ten days of the Islamic month of dul al-Hajj, his sins will be forgiven, and if he recites it at other times, it will e a source of light for him. Stay (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 24, p. 93.)

Benefits of recruiting a recite al Fajr:

  1. Those who often recite this surah will be accompanied by the Hazrat Imam Husain (RA) on the day of resurrection.
  2. The one who recite this surah, then Allah will forgive his sins for ten times as he recites.
  3. On the occasion of justice day, the light will shine on it.
  4. A person who write it on a piece of paper and then binds it on his back in his clothes, and then he will have a child who will be a blessing for him and will be proud of him too.

Here are three more benefits of reciting Surah al-Fajr:

1. Having Children: One who writes this Surah and keeps it with himself, will have a child who will be a source of satisfaction for him. (Tafseer al-Burhan, vol. 5, p. 649)

2. Some have said that if this surah is recited eleven times before conception, then the child will be a boy, God willing. (Al-Masbah al-Kafami, p. 460)

3. Being in God’s Protection: A person who recites Surah al-Fajr at Fajr will be protected from danger until Fajr of the next day. (Ibid)

Surah al-Fajr wazifa to get relief from any problem:

Recite this pig once and then pray to Allah. Of course Allah will accept this prayer and soon you will find yourself in this trouble.

Surah al-Fajr wazifa for treatment from any disease:

Recite this pig 70 times and die on this person. In Shaw Allah, he will be relieved soon.

Surah Fajr tafseer in English:

The last two verses of the previous definition issued a threat from Allah ‘It is for us that they will return ، and we have to decide them. If someone is questioned on the day of the decision, then it means they are destroyed and those who are given books in their right hand they will be allowed to go to the angels without questioning their accounts and be safe.

It begins with the Surah oath and has several compliments in the Qur’an where the oath is taken. In English, these affidavits are translated by ‘on time or by ‘early morning’ etc.

But we don’t talk like that in English anymore and so this style of language may seem strange in contemporary times. This is an ancient way of speech and in order to fully understand it, it is important to understand why old people were sworn in.

This will help us understand its use and work in the Qur’an. Ancient Arabs will take the oath and get people’s attention. So whenever Allah takes the oath, it is a means by which the attention of the audience is confiscated.

Also, when Allah takes the oath of something, this is because He (SWT) wants us to consider the things he has sworn in so that we are ready for the original lessons of appreciation are.

This verse is a continuation of these series of compliments with oaths and which talk about different parts of the day, the stars, the sunrise, the red brightness of the sun when it sets and still the night etc.

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