Surah Humazah 104: best explanation & benefits

Surah Humazah

Surah Humazah is the 104th surah of the Quran with 9 verses. The surah takes its name from the word Hamza in the first verse and condemns all kind of wickedness, backbiting, and all those who strive to amass and amass wealth. Because of which they lose the full value of their humanity, and vilify, … Read more

Surah Az zalzala99: benefits great Importance

Surah Az zalzala

Surah Az zalzala, also known as surah zalzal, is the 99th chapter of the Quran and placed in the 30th juzz. The subject of this surah is about the life after death, how the good and bad deeds of the men will be presented to them. Surah zalzal means earthquake. It is called Makki surah … Read more

Surah yaseen36: benefits and great importance

Surah yaseen

Surah yaseen, also written as yaseen and yasin, is the 36th surah (chapter) of the Quran and contains 83 verses (ayat). For those who don’t know what yasin sharif is, it is the heart of the Quran because it mentioned all six articles or fundamental beliefs of Islam, including belief in one god, belief in … Read more

Surah Jinn72: best benefits & meaning

Surah Jinn

This surah is present in the 72nd Surah Jinn of the Quran. In total it has 28 verses. There are two bows between these verses. There are 201 unique words in the Surah that are not repeated. This Surah was revealed in Mecca between 615 and 620 AD and is the Meccan Surah in the … Read more

Surah lahab111: best benefits &Tafseer:

Surah lahab

Surah Lahab is the 111th Surah of the Holy Quran. It is also called Surat al-Masad, the title meaning “palm fiber”. It was revealed in Mecca. It has 5 verses and 1 bow. Surah Lahab is located in Chapter 30. This Surah is about Abu Lahab, Abu Lahab is the only person among the enemies … Read more

 Surah Al-Maidha 48 Ayat best tafsir & benefits

Surah Al-Maidha 48 Ayat

Surah Al- Maidha is the fifth chapter of the Quran, with 120 verses. This is the surah of Maidha. Surah Al-Maidha 48 Ayat is special ayat we explain below why it is special and detail of ayat. This surah is called Surah Al- Maidha, because Jesus (peace be upon him) called for the descendent of … Read more

Surah Asr best tafseer and benefits 103

Surah Asr

The name of this surah is ‘’Al-Asr’’ which is derived from the first verse. Surah Asr consist of one bow and three verses. It has fourteen words and sixty eight letters and it is the 103rd surah of the holy Quran. According to the mainstream of scholars, surah Asr was revealed in Makah and called … Read more

Surah Duha 93 best Tafseer and benefits

Surah Duha

Surah Duha is certainly well-know. Moreover, it is something that many of us has memorized. However, have we taken the time to examine the signifance of the revelation of this verse? Most of us do not understand the significance of this verse and what it can teach us. After six months without any revelation, surah … Read more