Nikah: What is Marriage in Islam best explain


Marriage (Nikah) is, in a sense, permitted by divine command to continue the human race on earth so that the affairs of the world can be conducted in an orderly plan which is the original purpose of creation. The desire between opposite sexes for communion arises in humans as well as in any animal. But … Read more

Umrah: best detail &explanation-5


Millions of Muslims from around the world visit Saudi Arabia every year to perform Umrah: an Islamic pilgrimage. Umrah is voluntary act of love, devotion and gratitude to Allah and this great ritual of Hajj can be performed at any time of the year. Umrah is the name given to the pilgrimage to Mecca, a … Read more

5 pillars of Islam Importance & benefits


Importance & benefits of 5 pillars of Islam Every religion has foundation on which people lives their lives. Like religion, Islam also has five pillars which are basis of Muslim life and must be followed with utmost devotion, love and obedience. If a believer want to establish a strong and stable relationship with Allah, then … Read more

Milad-ul-Nabi best speech 12 rabbi ul Awal


Milad, Milad-ul-Nabi, or Milad-ul-Nabi is an important day in the history of Islam which is the birthday of the beloved Prophet Muhammad. It is celebrated as Islamic festival in many countries of world. Although the exact date of this day is not known and is a matter of debate, the day is observed on 12 … Read more

Rabbi ul Awwal 12 a important day

Rabbi ul Awwal

The blessed month of the Rabbi ul Awwal is an important month Islamic calendar as it marks the birth of the holy Prophet (PBUH). There are many valuable and beautiful aspect of the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (PBUH) that we can benefits throughout the year and strive to embody. For example, the messenger of … Read more

Iman e Mujmmail & Mufasil best 2tafsir

Iman e Mujmmail

There are six kalmias that Muslims know and learn their childhood. Apart from the six basic kalmia, iman Mufasil and Iman e Mujmmail are the concepts/words mentioned in scholarly works, especially in the volumes of iqba (Islamic faith). Both are imam (belief) as imam Mufasal is to believe in all things that the Prophets (peace … Read more

Difference between(1/2) Makkah and madinah Surah


The holy Quran is the word of Allah. This is a miracle of Allah which was sent to the holy Prophet. The holy Quran’s was first revealed to the heavens on Laylatul Qadar in the month of Ramadan, then it was revealed to the messenger of Allah, may god bless him and grant him peace, … Read more

6-Kalima translation and importance


The 6-Kalima are the basic belief of Muslims all over the world. They practice these values and ingrate the principles in their lives. All the 6-Kalima are the verse of holy Quran. Let start discuss all kaalimas. 1st Kalima: The first Kalama Tayaba means the world of purity. LA ilaha illahau muhamadur rasolullah (P.B.U.H). English … Read more

1st Kalama Tayyaba English translation

Kalama Tayyaba

 To getting knowledge about kalama Tayyabah firstly we know about Islam: “Dua is an essence of Ibdaht, and the core of worship (Hadith)” What is Islam? Islam is a religion of peace that nourishes body, soul and mind with purity and Spirituality. The Peace means- peace within oneself, peace with God, Peace with the creations … Read more