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A halal job in finance is dedicated not only to Islamic banks and other lenders, but also to halal insurance that applies Islamic rules to cover individual risks (takaful), but also to companies that are Shariah-compliant. Want to insure according to the method.

Islamic finance
Islamic finance

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Two of the most important parts of the Islamic financial world are banking services and the sukuk market – the Islamic equivalent of the bond market. Between them, the two account for about 95 percent of the $1.8 trillion in Islamic financial assets (at the end of 2013).

Surah al-Fajr89: best Tafseer and benefits

Surah Fajr in English describes the destruction of unbelieving people: the ancient Egyptians, the people of Aram of the Pillars, and Madina Salih.

Surah Qadar 97: Translation ad best benefits

It is known among commentators as the Makki Surah, although some believe that it was revealed in Medina. According to a tradition, the Prophet saw in a dream that the Umayyads were climbing his pulpit.

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